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Does Moldova have a role to play in the regional context?

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At 20 years of independence, historical politics of Moldova swings between two - poles" of evil

20 years anniversary of the Independence of Moldova represents a moment of reflection that obliges us to discuss the main topics of our foreign policy. One of its guidelines was historical politics, ascertains the expert of IDIS - Viitorul," Cornel Ciurea, in the 34th edition of the Foreign Policy Statewatch. This edition is entitled - Historic policy in the Republic of Moldova -“ an unfulfilled obsession".
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Historic policy in the Republic of Moldova -“ an unfulfilled obsession

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What is the linguistic policy of Chisinau in relation to Comrat?

IDIS - Viitorul" released on Monday, August 8, 2011, 11:00, the public policy study - Linguistic policies of Chisinau in relation to Comrat".
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Linguistic policies of Chisinau in relation to UTA Gagauzia

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From a basic treaty to a treaty regarding the borders regime

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Black Sea Region -“ Continuity or geopolitical change

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Moldovas Foreign Policy Statewatch: The European integration is the Moldovas chance to quit from the Black Sea - casino"

Thrown in the Black Sea region -“ a geopolitical seismic zone appreciated for its unpredictability -“ Republic of Moldova should enhance the efforts to overcome this narrow and whirling framework. Thus, the European integration is the chance to exit the vicious circle of regional problems. Though, over time, Chisinau was balancing between West and East, being trapped in the controversial interests of its neighbours. Moldova should be cautious in its relations with Romania, because the emotional statements and the reference to historical symbols are able to generate only fear inside and to irritate Ukraine and Russian Federation. At the same time, Chisinau should closely monitor Ukrainian actions related to Transnistria region, especially in the context of joint statement issued by Medvedev and Ianukovici on May 17, 2010.
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Only through cooperation between think-tanks and ministries it is possible to generate mechanisms of early warning in Republic of Moldova

IDIS Early Warning Report was presented to the representatives of Moldovan ministers on May 13, at a event organized in partnership with The Ministry of Youth and Sports. The Report represents a quarterly product of IDIS - Viitorul", which compiles a series of studies of four sensitive topics: regional, political, economical and social. The report is supported by National Endowment for Democracy (NED).
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Early Warning Report, nr.2, January-March 2010

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DIS Early Warning Report: What security risks are threatening Moldova in the next period and how can we avoid them?

IDIS - Viitorul" released on Thursday, April 1, 14:00, the second issue of a new product -“ Early Warning Report. From the addressed topics, we would mention: border problems between Republic of Moldova and Ukraine, relationship between Chisinau and Comrat, the creation of the Commission to condemn communism, amendment to the electoral legislation and modification of the Constitution, moral crisis in audiovisual system and the Governments program for stabilization and economic growth.
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IDIS "Viitorul": Moldovan audiovisual: between crisis and recovery

IDIS - Viitorul" released on March 26, 2010, 14:00, the policy brief - Moldovan audiovisual: between crisis and recovery".
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Power is transferred amid concurrent crises

The lack of trust between the ruling parties and the Opposition party are the major causes of the political crisis in Moldova, politologist Corneliu Ciurea said during the presentation of the first edition of the Crisis Prevention Report for July-October, which is produced by IDIS Viitorul, Info-Prim Neo reports.
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IDIS - Viitorul": To what extend CIS and EU standards are compatible and what happens with the national interest of Republic of Moldova?

IDIS - Viitorul" released on Monday, November 30, 2009, 14:00, the public policy study - CIS project: the anatomy of a collapse". The event took place in the conference room of IDIS - Viitorul", second floor, situated on 10/1 Iacob Hîncu str.
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