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Public Adminstration

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(Council of Europe) Best practices in local government
View: româna   english   16.05.2016     // 3627.905 Kb   
Practical guide for the elaboration of district socio-economic development strategies
View: româna   english   05.12.2014     // 2047.373 Kb   
Investment guide of localities from municipality of Chisinau
View: româna   english   16.02.2012   CHIRIAC Liubomir   // 721.822 Kb   
Best Practices Anthology of Communities from Municipality of Chisinau
View: româna   english   09.12.2011   CHIRIAC Liubomir   // 2691.3 Kb   
Regions of Moldova -“ hostages of populist policies
View: româna   english   05.10.2011     // 435.081 Kb   
Evaluation of Moldovan authorities attitudes, capacities and needs in terms of EU integration process
View: româna   english   04.10.2011     // 1028.01 Kb   
Gagauzia: Opportunities for investment
View: româna   english   24.12.2008     // 6640.231 Kb