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The distribution of allocations for capital investments on the criteria of political affiliation
IDIS „Viitorul” in partnership with Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung presents a new edition of the Policy Brief entitled "The distribution of allocations for capital investments on the criteria of political affiliation". The study is written by the IDIS “Viitorul” expert, Veaceslav Berbeca.
21.01.2015 88       
School for political leadership, 5th edition: a product made in IDIS "Viitorul"
School for political leadership reached its fifth edition. Participants received their diplomas for participation in a special conference where they gave speeches on various topics. After a year of theoretical courses and practical exercises with various instructors, youth held an informal examination in front of colleagues.
24.12.2014 341       
Report: To what extent educational system in Moldova satisfies the labor needs of companies?”
National Business Agenda team presented Tuesday, December 23, the Report synthesis in education, developed on the base of depositions submitted by representatives of the business and academia, at the public hearing held on December 11, entitled “To what extent educational system in Moldova satisfies labor needs of companies?”
23.12.2014 273       
IDIS “Viitorul” has launched the Anthology of best practices of local government in Moldova, 2014 edition
Institute for Development and Social Initiatives (IDIS) "Viitorul" presents the Anthology of best practices of local authorities in Moldova, 2014 edition. Anthology is produced within the Best Practices Program for Local Authorities 2012 – 2013 and aims to describe success stories of local authorities from Moldova.
23.12.2014 340       
Sergiu Gaibu: What happens in the Customs Union? Facts and forecasts
Sergiu Gaibu: IDIS “Viitorul” expertIt's time to announce the crisis from 1998 is repeated now in Russia. The Ruble has almost halved its value against the dollar. Already some foreign experts suggest that the only way for Russia is to announce default, as it did in 1998. As in 1998, oil prices reach low records. Of course, Putin will not recognize this, fact which will worsen the situation in Russia. And Russia, as always do not learn the lessons of history. But that's the problem of Rusia ... Is it also our problem?
18.12.2014 540       
IDIS "Viitorul" awarded the best practices of local government in Moldova
Best practices of local authorities in Moldova were awarded on December 12 in a national ceremony. The event was attended by representatives of the Council of Europe, of the Government, donors and representatives of local authorities.
15.12.2014 716       
Public Hearing: “To what extent educational system in Moldova satisfies the labor needs of companies?”
The National Business Agenda held Thursday, December 11, public hearings on the education. The purpose of the hearing was to identify solutions that contribute to labor market supply with specialists enough equipped with skills and competencies required by employers, and thereby also to create better business and investment conditions.
12.12.2014 280       
Local governments can develop socio-economic development strategies based on a practical guide
IDIS "Viitorul" launched Thursday, December 4, the Practical guide for the elaboration of district socio – economic development strategies (SEDS). The event was organized by the Ministry of Regional Development and Constructions (MRDC) in partnership with the Academy of Public Administration. The publication was developed with the support of the German International Cooperation Agency (GIZ), offered through the project "Modernization of local public services in Moldova". The guide was elaborated by IDIS "Viitorul" in cooperation with MRDC."Local government is the
05.12.2014 399       
IDIS "Viitorul" held a training seminar for NGOs from the country that were funded by the European Commission for projects in various fields
The seminar, which lasted two days, is part of a series of activities implemented within the project "Civil Society. Dialogue for progress", funded by the European Commission. Experts revealed aspects to be taken into account by NGO representatives in implementing projects, especially in reporting.Natasha Gospodjinacki, key expert KAS, explained to participants the aspects to be taken into account at every stage of project implementation. "Start your activity immediately, you will always need at least an extra day. Read carefully the
01.12.2014 456       
Ambassador of Sweden in Moldova: "You have many friends in the European countries and we want you in the EU"
The EU will continue to support Moldova's European course and reforms that will help to consolidate democracy and welfare. We are here to nationals and not for the Government. For this reason, the EU will continue to support Moldova, regardless of who will take over after the elections. But Moldova must understand that we will not be here forever. We are here to develop the country's ability to cope on their own. Affirmations were made by E. S. Ingrid Tersman, Ambassador of Sweden in Moldova, in a meeting with young political leaders, at IDIS "Viitorul", Wednesday, November 27.
27.11.2014 322       
If you want to criticize, participate in elections
I recently had the opportunity to attend a meeting with students of a college, where I was asked why young people should participate in the parliamentary elections of November 30, given that we can not influence the state policy and the vote of one man does not matter very much, if not a lot, on the final results of the election process. Considering this cynical approach to student, specific attitude mostly young, I had to come up with some explanations.
27.11.2014 264       
Advocacy campaigns - a useful tool for civil society involvement
IDIS "Viitorul" continue the training activities of civil society organizations. This time, those 20 participants from 12 districts of the country have learned what is an advocacy campaign, the stages of implementation and their effects. Trainings take place within the project "Civil Society. Dialogue for Progress", funded by the EU.As instructors were invited Ghenadie Mocanu, IDIS "Viitorul" expert and Peter-Vlad Ianusevici, trainer and founder of the Academy Nicolae Dumitrescu who who spoke to participants about public speaking techniques."We discussed what
26.11.2014 317       
Over 700 young people with voting right were informed about the importance of participation in elections
During 4weeks IDIS experts visited 14 colleges and universities from the country, where they talked about the importance of youth participation at elections. The experts participated also in TV shows and published 8 articles in local media to urge citizens to come to vote on 30 November. Activities take place in the campaign, with the slogan"Your vote -Your Future!”. The project is apolitical and informative.Experts explained the young, which this year will gofor the first time to vote, the voting procedures, documents on
25.11.2014 201       
Wrong vote does not exist
A few days left until the end of the campaign and, respectively, the parliamentary elections of 30 November. Certainly, this will be a crucial period for political parties, but for all citizens of the Republic of Moldova on the final results of the parliamentary elections. The stake is important for parties and puts pressure equally on the candidates and voters. However, the roles are different: if political parties or independent candidates must convince people to give them votes, the voters must choose from the multitude of offers which is the best solution according to their own interests.
24.11.2014 215       
Business and political parties discussed the problems and priorities of business in Moldova
National Business Agenda (NBA) held a round table with representatives of political parties and business. Although were invited several political parties, including those from the Parliament, only the Liberal Party, the Liberal Reformist Party, Political Party "Patria" and the Socialist Party accepted the invitation.Business representatives wanted to know to what extent politicians will take into account business opinion and how the cooperation between political class and business will proceed.During the discussions several issues facing businesses in Moldova were addressed, the
21.11.2014 289       
Moldova and Transnistria: common problems and social and economic solutions
IDIS Viitorul expert presented Thursday, November 20, the common problems of Moldova and Transnistria in social and economic terms. The conclusions and recommendations were presented in three papers. These occurred as a result of three workshops held in March-April this year, with experts from Tiraspol. "The most important aspect is that the ideas presented today are the effort of joint discussions with experts from Transnistria. Often, the views were different, but we managed to have common solutions. In these studies we
21.11.2014 265       
Ghenadie Mocanu: What important should I do on November 30, 2014?
We are on the eve of elections …We are on the eve of parliamentary elections. It is time for everyone to decide for himself what he wants from electoral candidates. Each will make its choice. Only once every four years we have the opportunity to decide our future and the future of our children. Despite the perpetuation of democratic values in Moldova, we see a serious decline in turnout. If the first elections in 1994 were participating 79.31% of the
19.11.2014 316       
Veaceslav Berbeca: In parliamentary elections every vote counts
On 30 November 2014, Moldovan citizens are called to the polls to express their electoral preferences. Participation in large numbers of people in elections is necessary, as the wishes and the problems of citizens can be heard. Even if, on various occasions, we hear statements such that a vote or a few dozen votes meant nothing in the final statement of the election results, we must understand that the parliamentary elections are the principal element of expression of the will
18.11.2014 195       
Carolina Ungureanu: Elections - sine qua non conditions of democratic governance
In democratic regimes, political system and society are integrated through three political institutions - representative democracy, universal suffrage and political parties. The metaphor of "the people hold supreme power in the state" means that the power comes from the people and is realized through its representatives, elected for a period strictly limited (for four years) on the basis of universal, equal, direct, secret and freely expressed suffrage, participation in elections being free (voluntary). Nobody has the right to exert pressure
17.11.2014 245       
Valentin Lozovanu: An informed choice can trigger a change
The right to choose is one of the fundamental human rights along with others such as the right to justice, expression, education etc. These freedoms are gradually acquired during the evolution of society. This right is a fundamental element for democracy because it provides access to citizens in public affairs and governors control.Even in ancient times, Aristotle (in Politics) talked about forms of government, (his contemporary) considering the democratic one as the best for the society. At Romans, the conflicts
14.11.2014 218       
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