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Sergiu Gaibu about BNM and "economic development"
Recently, the Board of the National Bank approved the amendment and completion of the Regulation on the classification of assets and contingent liabilities. They provide facilitation of access to credit resources for small and medium enterprises, as well as consumer credits.
08.07.2015 135       
Transparency in the decision-making process within local authorities. Problems and solutions
National Business Agenda presents a Policy Brief entitled Transparency in the decision-making process in local authorities. Problems and solutions written by IDIS / NBA lawyer, Viorel Pirvan.
07.07.2015 142       
After a year of training at IDIS "Viitorul" 18 NGOs from the country have improved their activity skills
Representatives of 18 NGOs from across the country were trained for a year to improve their skills. During those three modules, participants learned how to improve their institutional strategy, covering topics from vision, mission, organization institution’s brand, internal and external communication tools, elements of advocacy, to partnerships, coalitions, platforms, etc.
03.07.2015 120       
Monitoring the Association Agreement with the EU, accessible for the civil society
IDIS "Viitorul" held Wednesday, July 1, a Round Table with representatives of civil society and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration. Discussions focused, in particular, on informing civil society about how to monitor and coordinate the implementation at national level of the Association Agreement Moldova - EU and ways of cooperation with civil society in this regard.
02.07.2015 147       
IDIS study: Consumer confidence remains far below the average
IDIS "Viitorul" has developed the Consumer Confidence Index (CCI) for May-June 2015. It indicates the public's general view on the current personal financial situation and expectations for the near future.
29.06.2015 178       
Municipalities to be visited by the Best Practices Programme team were selected
Over 30 municipalities from the country will be visited in the next two months in order to see live how best practices are implemented. The localities were selected on June 24 within a meeting, by members of the Steering Committee of the Best Practices Programme for Local Authorities in Moldova.
25.06.2015 287       
National Business Agenda team identifies gaps in local business
NBA team has visited the offices of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) from the district centers. Visits take place in the context of the launch of Business Local Agenda. To be noted that in January, IDIS Viitorul / NBA and CCI signed a cooperation agreement to this respect, which aims to strengthen local business associations and establish a constructive dialogue with local authorities.
23.06.2015 134       
A greater impact of civil society needs good cooperation with the Government
The Civil Society Forum “How to empower civil society? Opportunities. Obstacles. Impact” is held in Chisinau. During two days, in the period 22 – 23 June, around 160 representatives of civil society, the Civil Society Facility Programme beneficiaries, both from Eastern Partnership countries and EU countries will exchange experience, create partenships and discuss examples of best practices from each other.
23.06.2015 157       
150 representatives of civil society from the Eastern Partnership met in Chisinau
On 22-23 June, the Civil Society Forum “How to empower civil society? Opportunities. Obstacles. Impact” is held in Chisinau.
22.06.2015 220       
Stephen Malerius: Civil society can play an important role in influencing policies related to Eastern Europe
On 22-23 June, the Civil Society Forum “How to empower civil society? Opportunities. Obstacles. Impact.” will be held in Chisinau. During two days, around 160 representatives of civil society, the Civil Society Facility Programme beneficiaries, both from Eastern Partnership countries and EU countries will exchange experience, will meet new partners and discuss examples of best practices and lessons learned for different fields in EU-funded projects.
19.06.2015 124       
Caricature exhibition has arrived in the South
IDIS "Viitorul held in Gagauzia and Cahul caricature exhibition on living standards in the Republic of Moldova and in the European Union member states. The aim of the initiative is to stimulate broad debates and promote European values in regions of Moldova with the participation of civil society, local government, entrepreneurs, etc. The topics of these cartoons are a number of problems from the Moldovan society, such as corruption, poor medicine, bureaucracy, low wages, pollution and more. The project has a duration of one year and will end on April 30, 2016.
18.06.2015 107       
Sergiu Gaibu: BEM can be saved by giving the property to an international financial institution with a good reputation
BEM brand, seemingly permanently lost the ability to inspire customers credibility. Neither the state, as owner, does not inspire confidence and rather harms the BEM brand.
18.06.2015 140       
Evolution of civil society in Moldova and the Political Dialogue
IDIS "Viitorul" presents the study "Civil society organizations from the Republic of Moldova: development, sustainability and participation in political dialogue", financed by the European Union within the project "Civil Society. Dialogue for Progress".
15.06.2015 134       
Sergiu Gaibu: Nationalization of BEM - the most negative solution to the country's economy and the state budget
Economic expert of IDIS “Viitorul”, Sergiu Gaibu participated Thursday, June 11, 2015 on talk show "Civilization MAIA" organized by Realitatea TV where he talked with the doctor in the economy Gheorge Costandachi and with the President of "Small Business Association" Eugen Roscovan, about banking and financial situation in the country, but also about Alliance for European Moldova (AEM) leaders' decisions on nationalization of Banca de Economii.
12.06.2015 132       
IDIS experts: Women could solve problems more effectively than some men
IDIS “Viitorul” experts met with women from Marinesti (Singereii Noi) Tuesday, June 9, where they organized a seminar in the civic education campaign to encourage participation in local elections of women's groups in the North and Gagauzia regions.
11.06.2015 131       
IDIS expert: More women in politics means a more developed state
Women have a place in politics. We can not blame women that involves less, because men discriminate them and not provide enough opportunities, keeping the top places for them, believes IDIS expert, Corneliu Ciurea. He discussed within a TV program on Canal Regional station, the role and involvement of women in politics.
08.06.2015 60       
IDIS campaign: women from Corlateni have discussed the candidates for mayor position
IDIS "Viitorul" experts met with women leaders from Corlateni (Riscani) and discussed various topics related to local elections of 14 June. Ghenadie Mocanu and Carolina Ungureanu explained to participants why it is important to know the candidates for mayor of the village, and local councilors.
04.06.2015 158       
Local public finances in Moldova, more transparent thanks to an open data portal
Revenues and expenditures of municipalities in Moldova will be monitored through an open data portal. It will be created by the Institute for Economic and Social Reforms in Slovakia (INEKO) in partnership with IDIS "Viitorul and will be launched in autumn this year. The announcement was made on May 28 within the seminar "Financial health of localities in Moldova using the Slovak experience", attended by Government representatives and experts in public finance.
01.06.2015 265       
Eduard Tugui: Luxury of neutrality for Moldova
IDIS „Viitorul” presents a new edition of the Foreign Policy Statewatch, signed by Eduard Tugui, entitled „Finance and security: the Republic of Moldova in the regional context”.
28.05.2015 161       
IDIS civic campaign: Be informed and vote!
Over 400 women from 15 municipalities will participate in local debates in reference to various topics related local elections of 14 June. IDIS "Viitorul" has launched a new campaign to promote civic education and voter participation. The target group is women and ethnic minorities from 11 municipalities from the North of the country and three cities in Gagauzia (Ceadir-Lunga, Vulcanesti, Comrat).
27.05.2015 133       
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