• Ion Butmalai

    "To create the financial sustainability index of state-owned companies, 50 companies with the following features were selected: the assets under management more than 1 million MDL, equity more than 1 million MDL. The companies that have a strategic significance for the national infrastructure have been included in the sample by default. The financial sustainability index consists of 10 indicators, which assess the financial performance, the capacity to face the financial obligations in short and long-term, the liquidity and leverage ratios. .." learn more>
  • Ion Butmalai

    "Once the Republic of Moldova declared its independence, it started the process of economy liberalization and privatization of public property. Currently, according to the information provided by the Registration Chamber, in Moldova are registered 1 572 municipal and state companies, and 4 483 joint stock companies, from which almost 5% have the state as a shareholder. The effect of these companies on the national economy in terms of employed people, according to the data provided by the National Bureau of Statistics, is almost 8.4% of the whole amount of employed people in the country. At the same time, the Government employs approximately 21.9% of the total number of employed people in Moldova.  .." learn more>

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