National Business Agenda

National Business Agenda

National Business Agenda of Moldova (ANB) is a joint platform of 32 business associations and Chambers of Commerce, established in November 2007, sitting in the network in order to influence the policies and practices of public authorities in the regulation of business activity.

Agenda activity is assisted by local experts from the Institute for Development and Social Initiatives (IDIS) "Viitorul", with the support of international experts from the International Centre for Private Entrepreneurship (CIPE).

The goal: to identify issues (priorities) common business environment, represented by members of ANB network in tax and customs areas and propose solutions for overcoming the constraints identified.

ANB objectives:

- Strengthen the capacity of business associations in formulating development policies of entrepreneurship in Moldova;

- Develop a shared vision of priorities in development of entrepreneurship in Moldova;

- Participation in public-private dialogue with one voice;

- Influencing the decision-making process in the regulation of business activity in the country by involving active and transparent dialogue with the authorities.

In 2016, realizing the problem of systemic corruption, the business with strategic partners to put their ANB aimed at developing anti-corruption agenda that will promote business. Developing the agenda will be based on survey data that will be organized during February-March 2017, and subsequently business through joint efforts and support from IDIS future will initiate a series of high-level debate.

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