Integrity of public procurement in Moldova

Integrity of public procurement in Moldova


Increasing the integrity of public procurement 

The project “Increasing the integrity in public procurement is implemented by Institute for Development and Social Initiatives (IDIS) "Viitorul", in partnership with Partnership for Transparency (USA).


Partnership for Transparency (PTF)

Implementation period:

September 2020 - June 2025

Aim of the project:

Supporting procurement reforms in Moldova that will increase transparency and fairness of public procurement through empowering citizens to hold relevant institutions accountable. This will be accomplished through training civil society organizations to serve as watchdogs by monitoring public procurements.


  1. Review of Moldovan legislation, regulations and policies, the procurement system and the institutions involved in the public procurement process
  2. Training of 25 civil society representatives on the concept of efficient and responsible procurement monitoring, highlighting risks in procurement, risk indicators and risk assessment.
  3. Monitoring of procurements at national, local or municipal level for a period of 18 months by civil society representatives (between three and six representatives).
  4. Make recommendations on how to improve communication between civil society organizations and contractors, public procurement entities, supervisory and law enforcement institutions and how they can be more receptive to questions and requests from civil society.


Outputs of the project will be at least 15 organizations in Moldova, CSOs and journalists, that have been trained in understanding risks in procurement, important red flags, risk indicators and risk evaluation. In addition to IDIS and TI-Moldova, between three and six of the trained CSOs will be selected for 18 months of funding to engage in actual monitoring, receiving mentoring and support from the project team.

Outcomes will include trained civil society watchdogs that will identify, quantify, document and report abuses/irregularities to relevant Moldovan authorities for action and redress.

The most tangible expected impact of the project would be actions taken by procurement entities and oversight/enforcement bodies to remedy irregularities identified by the CSO monitors and enforce the law in criminal/corruption cases uncovered by the monitoring. The result would be more effective use of public funds and improved delivery of good and services to the citizens of Moldova.

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