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  • "Improving the transparency and financial stability of Moldovan state-owned enterprises by transferring know-how from similarly implemented projects in Slovakia is the main objective pursued by IDIS "Viitorul" and the Institute for Economic and Social Reforms i......" learn more>

    Ana-Maria Veverița

  • "To create the financial sustainability index of state-owned companies, 50 companies with the following features were selected: the assets under management more than 1 million MDL, equity more than 1 million MDL. The companies that have a strategic significance......" learn more>

    Ion Butmalai


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The mayor's criminal files drown investment in localities

"The funds available to local public authorities are limited. Some of these funds are allocated from the State Budget, another comes from taxes and fees paid by taxpayers, but they are totally insufficient to finance expensive infrastructure development programs or to implement projects with a social impact. However, these investment projects are overturned because of criminal cases filed on behalf of mayors, explained IDIS Viitorul expert, Viorel Pîrvan, in the show "15 minutes of economic realism". ..." learn more>

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  • Summary of the best and worst 10 policy measures in regional and local development of Moldova
  • Summary of the best and worst 10 policy measures in regional and local development of Moldova
  • The situation of local democracy and the degree of implementation of policy documents on decentralization in Moldova
  • State of LocaL Democracy in Transdniestria

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IDIS is a multi-issue think tank, working through a web of professional clusters. Our approach to the idea of think tanks role in Moldova is to achieve professional credibility in the areas of national security, welfare, foreign policy, sustainable development, and competitiveness, fairness, working both with decision-makers, academia, and young leaders, creating real alternatives in all aspects of policy-making. IDIS cares to boost advocacy platforms; it networks with various professional groups, unions, business associations, innovators, educators, and other entities, in a number of areas where national interests and cohesion can be achieved in togetherness.