Public sector reform

IDIS Viitorul consults the public and private sector in business and government to increase transparency, accountability and integrity. The objective is specific to IDIS. The aim is to identify, capitalize and disseminate good practices among local public authorities in the Republic of Moldova, thus contributing to the efficiency of governance. IDIS program is aimed to assist emerging and established leaders to strengthen their individual and organizational capacities as effective actors for positive developmental change.

Public procurement, open government

IDIS Viitorul provides public procurement assistance to improve the mechanism and transparency of the system. On the field of procurement, IDIS has implemented four projects, one of which is in progress. Integrity of the public procurement systems demands outstanding efforts from within the system of governments, as well as from outside of the system. IDIS Consultants acquired considerable expertise in assessing the loopholes and design appropriate functional frameworks that are indispensable to the open, accountable and modern governments. We channel our consultancy work to partner with regional governments, state agencies that build up appropriate benchmarks, involve public and private entities in what is meant to be an inclusive environment for policy change in the public procurements.

Functional analysis, capacity building

IDIS Viitorul provides advice to strengthen the capabilities of local, central public authorities. In this respect, the institution has developed several projects including the good practice program. Through the MATRA program, IDIS has developed a radiography of social services in the Republic of Moldova, the situation of state-owned enterprises, their efficiency and the profitable agreements in the energy sector. IDIS staff works to promote sustainable economic development and improve the wellbeing of people through better governance. We conduct complete functional analysis in the interested public agencies, do diligent work to design improve access to public data proceedings, exclude unnecessary obstacles and provide targeted training in the capacity-building and organizational management areas. We also support public sector reforms, by setting individual strategies based on quality of services and innovation. IDIS provides support in the design of new projects. IDIS expertise covers all phases of design, management, and assessment of projects in areas for donors including World Bank, European Union as well as selected foundations and private clients working in emerging markets around the globe.

Rationalizing budget expenditures

IDIS Viitorul provides assistance to improve the financial health information of Moldovan localities, thus increasing the pressure to effectively implement fiscal decentralization and strengthening its importance for sustainable local and regional development.

Reporting monitoring and policy assessment

IDIS Viitorul provides assistance in assessing the policies of state institutions. An example of this is IDIS's advice on the formation of the National Social Assistance Agency.

Planning, Strategy, Development and Communication

IDIS Viitorul provides advice on strategy, planning, development and communication. Through the EU-STRAT project, IDIS provides a profound analysis and strategic assessment of the socio-economic situation of the Eastern Partnership countries. Communication is a key of effective work in the public and private sectors. We foster strategic communication with top-managers of the regulatory bodies. We support special projects of improving communication skills. IDIS creative master planning services are based on insight into the way places have an effect on the wellbeing of local and regional communities. Our master planners and designers simplify the diverse, and sometimes contradictory, objectives of mixed-use land developments to create places and spaces that are beautiful and functional. Our fully integrated planning service encompasses the best in contemporary design, transportation planning, energy efficiency and sustainability.

Labor Force Survey, Social Relations

IDIS Viitorul offers workforce assistance. The institution has extensive experience in the field of labor, unemployment and social affairs. IDIS believes that management of social liabilities can result in higher earnings for the companies involved as well as benefit the environment and local communities. Our specialists offer comprehensive services in determining impacts within the social, economic and political environments. We conduct baseline studies and assess potential impacts in socio-economic areas such as institutional and governance structures, demographics, education, health, physical infrastructure, water and energy, local economy, livelihoods, transport, land use, resettlement and cultural heritage.

Analysis of state policies in the pre-university and university education system
IDIS Viitorul provides consultancy in the field of education and state policy analysis. IDIS has experience through analyzes in the field of education, as well as the effectiveness of state policies. Our modern time is based on increased investments in higher standards of public education. There is no future without enhanced university and vocational education. Education opens opportunities for children and youth to escape poverty, it enables communities to make informed choices about their future and unlocks the potential of poor settlements to develop enterprise and generate incomes. We at IDIS monitor inequalities and develop tools to balance development through increased access to education, entrepreneurship, community development resources. We work with private and public entities that believe in the power of enlighten citizenry in Moldova. An educated population strengthens political and social inclusion, and contributes to more responsive and accountable government.

Quantitative and qualitative research of public opinion
IDIS Viitorul offers assistance in the field of quantitative research and analysis of public opinion through the research of People Watch and public opinion research.

Institutionalization of public-private partnerships
IDIS Future consults the institutionalization of public-private partnerships, their efficiency, but also their usefulness. Public and private sectors shall see each other as credible partners. There is no way one shall thrive on the expense of the other. Therefore, laws and practices shall be adjusted correspondingly to allow both entities to find out common denominators of social progress and profitable business. We believe that living standards are underpinned by reliable, efficient services, such as transportation, clean water supply, sewerage and drainage, power and communications. This requires significant investments in the field of critical infrastructure. Skilled people and effective systems and processes are necessary to successfully deliver these services and manage the associated infrastructure.  IDIS has significant experience as a team of experts assisting infrastructure owners to optimize investment in and operation of their assets across a project’s whole life cycle.

Political analysis and electoral behavior

IDIS Viitorul provides consultancy in the field of political analysis and electoral behavior. The institution has developed several analyzes and researches in the field. Politics cover only a rather narrow segment of the polity in the modern world. Polity demands precision, expertise, knowledge and good spirit, which is largely reflected through the team-work, conducted by IDIS in the area of public policy making. IDIS works to assist national, sub-national and local levels of government to gauge electoral politics, assess statistical data and streamline regulations. Only through decentralized local authorities, states can function to the level of expectations of their citizens. But, local executives without political support and legitimacy of their populations cannot be durable and cannot generate public services of high quality. The result is that public bodies, citizens and businesses can work together to improve society. IDIS can consult interested entities in electoral behavior, politics, but also on mapping various cycles of public policies at the national and regional level.

Impact analysis of government policies and decisions.

The Institute provides assistance in the field of policy analysis and governmental decisions by elaborating several publications on tax amnesty and the operation of laundering the 25 billion USD through the Moldovan banking system. Effective and accountable public institutions help to promote economic growth, poverty reduction and social justice. We help to improve capital investment planning, budgeting and delivery in public administration. Through a social lab, IDIS experts attempt to assess social topics of high impact: retirement age, pensioner reform, health, migration, education. Our policy analysis aims to build up resilience in the functioning of the welfare institutions. We realize however that social progress cannot be achieved only through regulations and state-governed policies. IDIS explore new modules of training in modern entrepreneurship, build human capacities and attempt to unlock private sector potential, building local businesses. We also try to assist local governments to design and administer corruption prevention programs with modern fraud-reduction techniques, and help to strengthen systems and regulations of land registration, titling and management.

Specialized trainings in the field of public administration, strategic planning
IDIS Viitorul provides consultancy in the field of training of strategic planning and public administration. Expert institutions have a rich local and regional expertise to train local elected officials, improve local authority financial control. IDIS offers customized public policy training, based on a mix of university courses and practical exercises, tailored to the growing demands of the decentralized governments to respond to the challenging dilemma of the public sector. We offer training of managing public budgets, organizational management, legal counseling on key issues for the local governments: budgets, legal issues, human resources, public participation and open governance, as well as strategic management and public services performance evaluation. We stay current on the complex and ever-changing public administration regulations and translate them into effective training programs. Our course content is always relevant and up to date, which means our clients are at the forefront of compliance.

Local budgets performing
IDIS Viitorul consults local authorities in developing cost-effective budgets and building a transparent and sustainable procurement system through a permanent monitoring process.

Regional economic development

IDIS has contributed a lot in promoting regional development instruments in Moldova. We provided technical support to the parliamentary committees prior to the major reform in 1998, we assisted local governments in breaking the centralization practices during 2001-2010, provided technical support to the local government associations (2002-2010), established in 2010 as the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities (CALM). IDIS provided technical support to build up development strategies for the territorial autonomy of Gagauzia (2006-2011 and 2017-2022). IDIS is highly regarded for its services in designing regional development. We have a breadth of experience in developing appropriate processes to engage specific and diverse communities and stakeholders and enable them, through participatory processes, to develop meaningful and practical strategies for future development. The team of our consultants is well specialized in the development of plans and strategies and is adept at conveying information, results and findings in an interesting, clear and concise manner.

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