IDIS is a multi-issue think tank, working through a web of professional clusters. Our approach to the idea of think tanks role in Moldova is to achieve professional credibility in the areas of national security, welfare, foreign policy, sustainable development, and competitiveness, fairness, working both with decision-makers, academia, and young leaders, creating real alternatives in all aspects of policy-making. IDIS cares to boost advocacy platforms; it networks with various professional groups, unions, business associations, innovators, educators, and other entities, in a number of areas where national interests and cohesion can be achieved in togetherness. Thus, IDIS is thinking about alternatives by ‚tanking’ its ideas and principles into the political matrix of nowadays politics. This intertwined‚ pattern’ twins IDIS with other international and regional ‚families’ of think tanks, enabling us to choose with whom to partner, but never surrender. IDIS remains faithful to its non-partisan stance, democratic views, and public interests, which represent the solar constellation of our believes and principles.

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