Regional development

IDIS Viitorul provides advice on regional development. Although it is a relatively recent field of regulation and implementation in the Republic of Moldova, the institution has experience in developing analyzes. Our customers are the localities of the Republic of Moldova. Decentralization, devolution, privatization and de-localization are the key-words in the complex changes affecting regions, cities and zones of development in Moldova. Equal access to services, transportation, markets and education, medical services and technology represent outstanding challenges of Moldova. Building on the good experiences of the past, IDIS continue to serve its mission by providing technical support to various regional governments, city administrations and local business. Today, we focus our regional consultancy on efforts aimed to identify and take initiative on leadership development priorities and issues. Our teams comprise experienced professionals with multidisciplinary expertise in all aspects of physical, social and economic infrastructure, including potable water, utilities, stormwater, renewable energy, telecommunications, transportation, economics and more.

Elaboration of Regional Development Strategies. Regional economic development

IDIS Viitorul assists in developing and developing regional development strategies, including economic development and strengthening its importance for local and regional progress

Evaluation and development of regional public policies. Economic diagnosis and assistance in attracting external resources

IDIS Viitorul provides consultancy in the development of regional public policies, as well as economic diagnosis in attracting external resources for the development of regions.

Drafting of projects, cross-border cooperation. European project management

IDIS Viitorul provides assistance for participation in cross-border projects, the institution having experience in the field of participation in cross-border projects with Romania and Ukraine

Feasibility studies and management of water supply and sewerage assistance

IDIS develops sustainable, effective approaches to water supply management by integrating science and engineering, economics and regulatory compliance expertise with an understanding of natural systems. We help public and private clients estimate future water demands, identify water sources, support stakeholder integration, develop balanced water portfolios, and forecast, address and comply with regulatory issues. Every business needs a plan, a strategy that defines vision, your goals and how you are going to reach them. Whether you are a new business owner, or already have a small business, a simple business strategy can take your business to the next level. IDIS experts can help to develop your business.

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