Chairman's legacy

Chairman's legacy

Dear friends,

We live in the realms of political and social turbulence which cannot be boring for young, energetic, talented and visionary leaders, affiliated to IDIS.

Every day we engage in the battle of ideas, whenever our views, values, expertise or civic engagement is being tested. We often fail, but always stand up for our core principles and strategic goals.

As a multi-issue think tank, IDIS is the oldest, seasoned fabrique of leaders, but also a credible professional source in several areas of decision-making: business environment, energy, banking, foreign policy, local & regional development, public procurements, welfare, national security issues, accountable and transparent government.

We often succeed to engage with many other leading think tanks in Moldova, as well as internationally, to advocate for better governments, to instill trust in better solutions, which may alleviate inequalities, boost private sector, bridging the gap between Moldova, as one of the poorest countries in Europe, with our fast-growing EU neighbors, Central and Eastern European states at large. 

We have always cared to promote the idea of political fairness, democratic values and effectiveness of governmental policies, which shall be inclusive and tailored to the lines of modernity. 

As a think tank, IDIS shall care to be a professional reference in the above mentioned fields, but be also close to the people, of different origins, langugaes, faith, race or kinship, with no discrimination. 

We shall network good sense people from across the society, unions, business, innovators, educators, politicians, artists, for public cause actions and in all the areas where national interests and cohesion can be achieved in toghertheness.

This is how I see the legacy of IDIS in the coming decades. This is where IDIS can fill the gap in looking for feasible alternatives, by ”tanking” its ideas and principles into the political matrix of nowdays politics. 

This simple approach will intertwine IDIS with other outstanding partners in Moldova, and abroad, within a larger global family of think tanks, where we can choose with whom to partner, but never surrender. 

IDIS will remain faithful to its non-partisan stance, democratic views and public commitment, which represent the pillar of our institutional road-block in the coming years. 

I welcome you for this undertaking and wish you good luck, friends and partners of IDIS. 

Igor Munteanu

Founder of IDIS

February 2, 2017

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