Over 30 local NGOs will be capacity in the field of good governance


The Institute for Development and Social Initiatives ”Viitorul” selected a group of 30 local NGOs who will participate in the capacity-building program in the field of good governance, which aims to strengthen their role as watch-dogs. The program is running in the project ”Transparent public authorities for active and informed citizens”, implemented by IDIS ”Viitorul” and financed by European Union and Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, through the Grants Program ”Development of local civil society in the Republic of Moldova”.

On December, 10, the evolution and selection committee met in session. Following the evolution of the applications submitted were selected the beneficiary organizations and distributed the public administrations of local level I and II for which will be prepared the monitoring reports on their transparency and accountability. On the same day, the organizations were notified that were selected and informed which authorities will monitor.

The program of consolidation includes three stages: education, mentoring, and the stage of elaboration of the transparency and accountability monitoring reports of 32 levels II LPAs and 60 levels I LPAs in the Republic of Moldova.

The project team developed the methodology for promoting and monitoring the transparency and accountability of LPAs, as well as the model of the monitoring report. It will contain training and coaching sessions (so that the theoretical part to be combined with the practical part). Also, it will help the beneficiaries to develop the monitoring reports. 

The project team proposed that  the citizens of the monitored localities, and not only, be better informed about the concept of decision-making transparency, to use of locally open data, and how they can get involved. In this regard, will be organized three TV shows at a regional level, three regional conferences (online), so that NGOs can bring in to the attention of citizens, and other stakeholders, the findings of monitoring and evolution reports.

The project ”Transparent public authorities for active and informed citizens” is implemented between September 2020 – July 2021.


Grants program ”Development of local civil society in the Republic of Moldova”, financed by the European Union and Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, will offer during the years 2020-2021 grants amounting to about EUR 3 million Civil Society Organizations, which operates outside the city of Chisinau.

The purpose of the program is to contribute to the development of local civil society in the Republic of Moldova, which promotes and monitors the transparency and the responsibility of public institutions, including in the implementation of the Moldova-EU Association Agreement.

This press release was elaborated with the financial support of the European Union. The content is the responsibility of the project ” Transparent public authorities for active and informed citizens” and doesn’t reflect the point of view of the European Union.

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