Tourist service providers from Romania, Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova were on a study visit regarding the opportunities for promoting green tourism in Cahul district

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On Thursday, Friday and Saturday, July 21, 22 and 23, 2022, in the district of Cahul, Republic of Moldova, in the villages of Slobozia Mare, Văleni and Colibași, the first study visit took place within the cross-border project "Development and promotion of green tourism in the Danube sector of the Black Sea Basin", BSB-817.  Tourist service providers from Cahul district, Republic of Moldova, Galați county, Romania and Reni territorial community, Ukraine participated in the activity.

The event was organized to exchange experience between economic agents from the three regions in the field of green tourism and to study the possibilities of promoting and exploiting green tourism at the local, regional and cross-border level. The emphasis was placed on promoting the contribution of local authorities in supporting tourism service providers and on the operation of public-private partnerships in the field. In total, three study visits will be conducted to learn about the potential of green tourism in the three regions.

On the first day, Thursday, July 21, the participants went to the observation pavilion of Lake Beleu, located in the Scientific Reserve "Prutul de Jos" in Slobozia Mare. At the Gastronomic workshop "La Tanti Mașa", in the same locality, a master-class was organized on how to cook couscous, where a jam and couscous tasting was also organized. In the second part of the day, the workshop of the folk craftsman Dumitru Zaporojan, also from the village of Slobozia Mare, was visited, who is engaged in the processing of sheep skin, the making of leather beanies, car covers, gloves, carpets, etc., but also at the Winery " Domeniile Pană", where a wine tasting took place, organized by the entrepreneur Nicolae Minciună.

On Friday, July 22, the visit to the guesthouse "La gura tupatului", in the village of Văleni, and the visit to the Bread Museum, with the master-class on the preparation and baking of rolls, barnacei, etc., were organized. Afterwards, the participants went on a hike along the "Petru Rareș Road" route. It is a distance of 9 km among thickets of reeds, reeds, willows, old bridges. After lunch, there was a visit to the Museum of History and Ethnography and the Gold Hills in Văleni village.

On Saturday, July 23, the study visit continued with a visit to the sights in the village of Colibași, including a visit to the Elizaveta Dorin creative workshop, which makes traditional items, such as hand-sewn headscarves, straw and vegetable fiber works. It was also then that the visit to the "Crăița Prutului" castle and the "Cocorii albi" Guesthouse took place.

During the study visit, the photo contest "Well with Nature in Cahul" was organized. The participants had the opportunity to take the most inspiring photos, and as a result they received diplomas and prizes in a ceremony.

The activities of the BSB-817 project are focused on creating and consolidating a cross-border tourism cluster in Cahul, Reni, and Galați, which will stimulate the development of green tourism at the border, increase the quality of tourist services, the number of tourists in the region, and will improve the overall quality of life in the region. A cross-border tourism guide will be created within a project, as well as a map with three cross-border tourist routes, an information brochure for tourists, and also a joint program for the development of cross-border tourism in Cahul, Reni, and Galati. Six seminar trainings, round tables, and workshops were organized to strengthen the capacities of tourism service providers. Study visits are organized at this stage. There will also be two festivals, and podcasts on green tourism in the region. A study on good neighborliness along the Danube sector of the Black Sea basin was developed but also created the project website.

The cross-border project "Development and promotion of green tourism in the Danube sector of the Black Sea basin (Cahul district, Republic of Moldova; Reni territorial community, Ukraine; and Galati county, Romania)", BSB 817 is implemented by IDIS "Viitorul", in partnership with the District Council of Cahul (Moldova), Executive Committee of the Local Council of Reni (Ukraine) and “Dunărea de Jos” University of Galați (Romania).

The project is part of the Joint Operational Program "Black Sea Basin 2014-2020" and is co-financed by the European Union through the European Neighborhood Instrument and by the participating countries: Armenia, Bulgaria, Georgia, Greece, Republic of Moldova, Romania, Turkey, and Ukraine.

This press release was produced with the financial support of the European Union. Its content is the exclusive responsibility of the cross-border project BSB 817, and can not be, in any way, considered to reflect the views of the European Union.

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