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The Electronic Procurement System saves the money of the Republic of Moldova

2017.08.08 Economie Victor Ursu Print version

The public procurement system in the Republic of Moldova faces the lack of transparency, limited competition, fluctuation of the involved staff and inefficiency. But international practices show that electronic procurement systems can make a significant contribution to increasing transparency and reduce fraud and irregularities that seriously damage public budgets, said IDIS Viitorul economist Diana Enachi on 15 minutes of economic realism.

She exemplified the efficiency of the electronic Procurement Procurement System with the Ukrainian Prozorro - pioneer, which covers in one platform all stages of the public procurement process, which also makes monitoring easier and reduces administrative costs for the authorities. "Only a year after its launch, the Ukrainian system has managed to make major changes. There has been a lot of confidence in the procurement system, including the private environment. Thus, the number of unique bidders has increased three times ".

Diana Enachi said that the use of the new electronic system - MTender - has a number of benefits and benefits for citizens, but also for public authorities. It is about streamlining budget spending by reducing transaction costs, reducing administrative burdens, increasing the confidence of economic agents in the procurement system, resulting in more active participation in procurement procedures, increased competition, and a high degree of transparency that increases confidence Citizens in public authorities and how they use public budgets.

According to the economist, within the first half of the launch, the MTender system is showing modest results. There are 10 contracting authorities registered, of which only 6 have so far carried out public procurement procedures through the system. A tangible result of the new system is the savings made by the authorities, which reach the average of about 30%, which demonstrates the positive impact on public budgets.

"The participation of contracting authorities in this system is very low, although efforts have been made in this respect with the support of civil society and business. 10 informative sessions with the contracting authorities from various regions, including Chisinau, were organized. IDIS "Viitorul" continues to support this initiative and appeals to all authorities in the country, to be active, to use MTender and thus to demonstrate that they really want to reform the system, "concluded Diana Enachi.

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