The forum for financing opportunities in the field of energy efficiency took place in Călărași

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Investments in energy efficiency projects and innovative solutions in the efficient use of energy were the main topics debated on September 24 at the Forum of opportunities for financing energy efficiency, organized in Calarasi. The event took place within the project implemented with the financial support of the European Union "Efficient public lighting in Calarasi-Firefly in the heart of forests". The project is implemented by the Calarasi Town Hall, in partnership with IDIS "Viitorul".

The objective of the forum was to initiate a dialogue between important stakeholders on access to finance for investments in energy efficiency, especially public lighting and the identification of innovative solutions for energy-efficient smart localities in the Republic of Moldova. The event aimed to familiarize potential beneficiaries with the impact of energy efficiency projects, as well as the need for long-term investments in this field. The opportunities presented at the forum were aimed at local public authorities, citizens, but also economic agents investing in energy.

"Energy efficiency is a priority of cooperation between the European Union and the Republic of Moldova, and this is demonstrated by some projects implemented with EU assistance to increase energy efficiency both locally and nationally. Although renewable energy production methods are being modernized and production technologies are becoming more accessible, achieving the objectives of the European Green Pact also requires reducing energy consumption. The project in Călărași, which is a demonstration one, aims at efficient lighting to ensure the comfort and safety of citizens. And because the project works are nearing completion, I would like to thank the project team, Călărași Town Hall, IDIS Viitorul for their efforts to implement the project. The Agency for Energy Efficiency also has a special role to play, which has significantly contributed to the project, which shows that the energy efficiency objectives for the EU and the Republic of Moldova are similar”, said Ion Guzun, Project manager at the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic Moldova.

In his turn, the Mayor of Călărași, Ion Olari mentioned: “The impact of this project for our city is major - the modernization of the public lighting system, the increase of the citizens' comfort, the reduction of CO2 emissions and the maintenance and operation costs. We hope to become an example for the Republic of Moldova and other localities that plan to carry out such projects. Many thanks to the funders, partners and citizens involved for this beautiful pilot project”.

"We are happy to host this event, because the citizens of Călărași are enjoying the results of this project, which is a sustainable one. I very much hope that this forum will be an inspiration for the participants of this event, especially for the mayors of Călărași district”, mentioned Zinaida Țurcanu, the vice-president of Călărași rayon, in the opening of the forum.

"The energy efficiency project was won in an international competition and together with all those involved I put my shoulder to the wheel and managed beautiful things in Calarasi. We hope that those who are interested in energy efficiency will take over certain ideas, experiences and good practices that will successfully implement them in their communities", added Liubomir Chiriac, executive director of IDIS "Viitorul" and Project Manager.

The energy expert, Ion Muntean, spoke about the objectives, results and challenges of the energy efficiency project in the city of Călărași. "Approximately 25 km of streets in the city of Călărași were illuminated, the History Museum in the locality was illuminated publicly, informative bulletins were elaborated, energy days were held, competitions were trained. The policies played an important role in the elaboration of the project, ie the Development Strategy of the Călărași, the Action Plan in the field of energy efficiency and it is important to have a policy framework at local level before the implementation of the project. It is also important to have the capacity for co-financing from local public authorities, to make some investment calculations, to carry out the energy audit, to pay attention to the specifications and the quality of the works, to dedicate time to documentation, to verify the veracity of the information. within the public procurement and strict monitoring", the expert emphasized.

Within the project "Efficient public lighting in Calarasi-Firefly in the heart of forests" the building of the Museum of History and Ethnography in Călărași was architecturally illuminated, and now residents of Călărași and its visitors will be able to admire the entire museum building , both during the day and at night.

The museum building is the only one in Călărași, architecturally illuminated and this is a premiere for our locality. This artistic lighting highlights our museum, creates a welcoming atmosphere and the feeling of pride of the inhabitants towards their own municipality. This will determine passers-by to visit us, to attract new tourists and to hold more events", considers Mariana Iurcu, museographer at the Museum of History and Ethnography in Călărași.

The discussion panels addressed the topic of modernizing the public lighting system and, respectively, investment opportunities in the field of energy efficiency. During the discussion panels of the forum, participants were informed about the funding instruments available from the Energy Efficiency Agency, the Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy, Green City Lab, and Orange Moldova. The event also presented practices and experiences in the field of renewable energy, as well as the results of the energy efficiency project "Efficient public lighting in Calarasi-Firefly in the heart of forests".

Victor Parlicov, national expert at the Covenant of Mayors and director of Green City Lab spoke about energy policies, but also about energy efficiency solutions offered by Green City Lab. “Green City Lab is a platform for innovative projects in sectors such as: electric mobility, digitization, renewable energy and energy efficiency, smart urban planning, waste management, urban mobility. Our mission is to generate complex and innovative solutions in response to the challenges of urbanization. We promote smart urban development focused on the comfort of people that ensures the protection of the environment and reduces the volume of CO2 emissions", said Victor Parlicov.

"We are always open and welcome the initiative to implement energy efficiency projects. Through the Călărași project we want to show the whole country that beautiful things can be achieved, savings can be made, the quality of life of citizens can be improved", said Eugen Gîrlea, deputy director of the Agency for Energy Efficiency (AEE). At the same time, Valerian Colun from AEE presented at the forum what is the role of the Agency in the process of implementing energy efficiency projects, but also the opportunities to attract investments in increasing energy efficiency.

 „Orange has the necessary expertise and capabilities to implement Smart City solutions that can be offered on the market of the Republic of Moldova as a service. For example, our company contributed to the realization of intelligent street lighting in Singerei, where 155 luminaires were connected. Street lighting works autonomously, using intelligent programming algorithms. The system allows the immediate detection of damaged bodies and anticipates the expected interruptions", said Eugen Birnat from Orange Moldova.

Călărași is an important economic area in the center of the country, which is an advantage for investments. The organization of the forum offered investment opportunities in the field of energy efficiency and had as participants representatives of local public authorities from Calarasi region, relevant authorities in the field of energy efficiency, financiers, economic agents and representatives of civil society. The event was also an opportunity for networking and exchange of experience between those who want to start their own energy efficiency projects and government authorities and donors.

The forum for financing opportunities for energy efficiency is one of the objective activities of of the energy efficiency project in Călărași, implemented with the support of the European Union. The project involves the installation of a 21-kilometer lighting network and the architectural lighting of the History Museum in the city of Călărași. As a result, the project will ensure a real saving of 6,500 euros/year, will reduce CO2 emissions and maintenance and operating costs.

For more information, contact the Press Officer of the project, Ana - Maria Veverița: or at the phone number (0 22) 221844.


The project "Efficient public lighting in Calarasi-Firefly in the heart of forests" is implemented by the Calarasi Town Hall in partnership with IDIS "Viitorul". The project is funded by the European Union through the European programme “Covenant of Mayors – Demonstration Projects (CoM-DeP)”, part of the EU4Energy initiative.

The EU4Energy initiative covers all EU support to improve energy supply, security and connectivity, as well as to promote energy efficiency and the use of renewables in the Eastern Partner countries Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Republic of Moldova and Ukraine. It does this by financing projects and programmes that help to reform energy markets and to reduce national energy dependence and consumption. Over the longer term, this makes energy supply more reliable, transparent and affordable, thus reducing energy poverty and energy bills for both citizens and the private sector. More information:  


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