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Labor Code, between the interests of business people and the benefit of employees

2017.08.08 Economie Victor Ursu Print version

Recently, the Labor Code has been modified, a sensitive change. On the one hand, we have an obsolete document, on the other hand, it is very rigid with excessive requirements that make business difficult. Moreover, it is one of the factors that keeps investors away, explained economist IDIS Viitorul, Veaceslav Ionita in the show "15 minutes of economic realism".

According to the document, the authorities also intend to attract Moldovans working abroad when the Republic of Moldova is the country where the number of foreign workers exceeds the local ones.

Establishing clear rules and relationships between employer and employee is a problem, but not the most stringent. According to a ranking, the most serious problems are corruption and justice. "Changing the Labor Code is a pro-business, but in the absence of dialogue it will squeeze."

Ionita has outlined some details that should be taken into account in the new law. These are labor contracts that are not negotiated. Although there are 200,000 annually, only 1000 are renegotiated, and nobody wants to get involved. "This Labor Code also comes against pensioners through the rules on dismissal. As the life expectancy increased, and some categories retire at a young age and have a rich experience, why should they be laid off, "Jonathan asked?

In his opinion, a problem is maternity leave. "More opportunities should be offered to women who decide to stay for only one year on maternity leave. They could have some bigger payouts. In the Republic of Moldova, young women who want to develop their career are not financially encouraged. "

Referring to the dismissal of employees, Ioniţă said that the dismissal from office must be the acceptance of the trade unions - an abusive provision when, when there is a litigation, it is won on the lack of procedure, but not on the merits.

In conclusion, the economist said that when changes are made to the Labor Code, it is necessary to take into account the opinion of the business environment in order to have the comfort of carrying out the entrepreneurial activity and the employees to be protected.

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