Moldova had to introduce the currency of 1 and 2 lei for 10 years

The subject that is being discussed in various countries about money circulation is: what is it preferable to have coins or banknotes?

Delaying this replacement has resulted in additional costs of at least $ 7 million over this period. If by 2011 this delay in replacement did not have a significant impact on the costs incurred by the National Bank, then after 2011 the costs of replacing the one-leu bank have increased exponentially.

If we do not immediately replace the banknote by a lion, then we risk losing between 15-25 million lei annually, only by replacing the banknotes with a used one.

Moldova's monetary authorities are late in replacing banknotes in coins. If we follow the chart carefully, then we can easily find that between 2015-2017 the process of replacing the banknote of 5 lei with the one of the 5 lei had to start.

But taking into account our specificity, we can conclude that the National Bank is due to introduce coins of 1 and 2 lei at the latest this year and in the next 3-5 years to introduce coins of 5 and 10 lei.

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