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Moldovan exports to Romania exceed those achieved in the CIS

2018.07.13 Economie Victor Ursu Print version

In 2018, the Russian Federation reached the fourth place in the top of the countries after the destination of exports from the Republic of Moldova, after Romania, Italy, and Germany. This reveals an optical change of the Moldovan companies and already in the first months of 2018 over 25% of the total exports are directed to Romania. At the same time, deliveries of goods and products in the neighboring country outstrip those in all CIS countries, which account for only 16% of total exports. Local experts also show changes in geographical direction. As an example, in 2017, the exports made by the entrepreneurs from the left bank of the Dniester region excelled to Romania (16.2% of total local exports in the region) and Ukraine (18.3%), which surpassed Russia (10.5% ). This is the opinion expressed by Viorel Chivriga, Director of Programs at IDIS Viitorul, within the program "15 minutes of economic realism".

The trade relations of the Republic of Moldova are important. But after four years since the signing of the Association Agreement with the EU, there has been a complete change of geographic directions on exports and imports and the exchange of positions among the top trading partners. At the same time, on the import side, the share of the European states is the top one and accounts for more than half of the total goods and products inputs in the Republic of Moldova.

Viorel Chivriga said that the change in the trade of the Republic of Moldova means the choice of safe markets, stable playing rules, experience, and technologies. "There has been a considerable leap in taking over EU standards. While there is a problem with the harmonization of legislation. Although some institutions report good activity reports are arrears, and the quality of some acts leaves it to be desired. There are also backlogs in reporting, which shows the lack of control of government institutions. "

The program director said that progress has been made in the field of industry, and on the transport side there is an increase in freight and passenger traffic. In agriculture, there are noticed changes regarding the rural entrepreneurship, as well as the policies of the state. Several European programs are in progress, the effect of which is seen in business preparation and rural development.

In conclusion, Viorel Chivriga mentioned that several Moldovan institutions and companies have benefited from the takeover of good practice and EU experience after the implementation of the Association Agreement. At present, investments in free economic zones, industrial parks, business incubators and those focused on the training of Moldovan officials and entrepreneurs are increasing.

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