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Moldovan myths erode the tourist bridge between West and East

2017.08.08 Economie Victor Ursu Print version

The Republic of Moldova has been known through its myths with hardworking people, unique food, fertile land, exceptional climate. Or, if we are to believe myths, our country should have strong positions in export markets and in attracting investment. But, unfortunately, from myths to reality, there is a very short road and in some cases also spins, which gives a head start on the economic plane. This is the opinion expressed by Viistorul Program Director Visitor, Viorel Chivriga, within the 15 minutes of economic realism show.

"Such a situation is attested in the field of tourism, where we are living in the region and we are far from some states that record remarkable results. For example, in the year 2016, 15,000 foreign tourists were visited by the Republic of Moldova, Georgia, a beneficiary country of the Association Agreement, which was visited by 3 million tourists, and revenue amounted to 2 billion USD. There are figures that show what can be done, "Chivriga explained. Moreover, with the direct contribution of tourism to the national economy in 2016, which is 1% of GDP in the country, Moldova occupies one of the last places in the world, ranking 171 out of 185 states. That's according to a recent report by the World Tourism and Travel Council (WTTC).

According to him, until now it has not been understood that myths do not attract tourists. You have to have something that no other states have. If we do an analysis, we have beautiful things in the Republic of Moldova. We can position ourselves nicely on creating niches for historical, wine, business, cultural, rural, gastronomic, recreational, nostalgic, sports, spa, religious, medical or health tourism.

In conclusion, the program director said that although the Republic of Moldova has a tourism strategy, which with fast steps could propel the field, this does not happen as a result of not realizing those steps to boost the field. "A problem that is attested in the field of tourism is overregulation, which hinders economic operators and tourists. Likewise, most forms of tourism are used shyly by economic agents, and the potential of tourism forms is promoted and insufficiently exploited by the tourism market in Moldova.

As a result of poorly developed tourism and related fields - transport, services suffer. It has to be taken into account that the development of tourism in addition to budget revenues would create new jobs and bring people back to the country, "concluded Chivriga.

The show is made by IDIS Viitorul in partnership with Radio Free Europe.

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