A new meeting of the Civil society platform for reintegration policies

Thursday, March 23, in the Conference Room of the Institute for Development and Social Initiatives (IDIS), the second meeting of the Civil society platform for reintegration policies was held.

The platform is a voluntary initiative which joined together several public associations and think tanks in Moldova, that consider that actions and policies of the Government should be kept under close supervision by the active groups of civil society, academics and centers research, other important segments of society in Moldova, in order to ensure that government actions in this politically sensitive area are corresponding to the national interest and democratic principles.

In the second meeting, participants were able to examine the situation of persons seized by the authorities of the separatist regime of Transnistria, the circumstances of arrest or their illicit transportation and concrete measures through which the constitutional authorities of Moldova will stop in the future such cases, providing effective protection and guarantees against such striking cases of impunity.

It was widely The reintegration policy of eastern districts was widely discussed, talking about the opportunity for strategic unitary coordination at the national level, while enhancing the level of budgeting, strategic communication and application of a new approach to the scope of this national policy in 2017. This civil society meeting was held under the Chatham House format, by nominal invitations, under the brand already known "Group for Social Dialogue" launched by IDIS Viitorul and its partner organizations.

Organizations interested in participating in discussions in the Platform for reintegration policies can contribute with ideas, studies, proposals, recommendations, questions, information relevant to the topics discussed in it. Platform moderator will liaise with stakeholders interested in topics managed by the Government in the sector of reintegration. The Moderator of the Platform liaises with the organizations, facilitating the communication with the Office for Reintegration and civil society interested.

The project is implemented with the support of the Black Sea Trust Fund (BSTF). For further relevant details, please contact us directly at IDIS or send an e-mail with the words "Civil society platform for reintegration" at: or by contacting the Press officer of the IDIS “Viitorul”, Victor Ursu (tel.069017396 or

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