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Political decisions favored the stealing of the billion dollars in Moldovan banks.

2017.08.08 Economie Victor Ursu Print version

Bank frauds have been carried out over several years since the emergence of the banking system in the Republic of Moldova, only the proportion, and schemes used were different. The latest episode with the disappearance of the billion was favored by the political decisions, explained in the 15 minutes of economic realism, the Transparency International Moldova expert Veaceslav Negruta.

In his opinion, the period of fraud in banks is divided into three chapters. The first concerns the laundry - money laundering through the Republic of Moldova with the use of the domestic judicial system, as subsequently by banks, the money to go to European jurisdictions and off-shores. Here we can talk about the 22 billion USD washed through the Moldovan banking system, but the amount reaches 40 billion USD. Money comes largely from the Russian Federation, "Negruta explained.

The second chapter of the bank fraud relates to the breach of the credit rules set by the prudential rules of the NBM. Over the years, these practices have been used by all banks. The saddest thing is that until today these credits have not stopped. We also had such practices in liquidated banks.

Chapter Three, according to Negruta, includes the famous "theft of the bill", which in reality aims to extract from the reserves of the NBM an equivalent of 13% of the GDP (14 billion lei), which covered the deprived means of the three banks. Later, as by a miracle, those credits through the government guarantee were passed to state debt. Or, for 25 years, we are unjustly paid. "There is traceability of that money, and the Kroll report is the best work that shows the synchronization of funds from one bank to another and a decision taken. Moreover, when we talk about theft of the bill, we talk about those political decisions that have facilitated the disappearance of money from banks And he covered the NBM reserve, and he walked into the law with the involvement of the ministers who created the corridor of the theft of the bill, on the other hand, by assuming responsibility, that guarantee was converted and transformed into a state debt. "

"Of course the bank robbery should deal with Moldovan investigation bodies, but we observe a total paralysis. It's harder to look for money than to prevent their theft." The Kroll-one and Kroll reports - it provides enough details to be seized on accounts in the Republic of Moldova or abroad that most of the funds are to be recovered. Of course, the less time we have recovered the fewer recovery losses because the money is moved to Other accounts to erase traces. Without the steps of the Moldovan investigation bodies, we can not move, "Negruta said.

When it comes to recovering stolen money, the company is taken with Bombonica. We have a so-called billboard on the Ministry of Finance's website, at the Prime Minister's indication, in the recovery of stolen money. That information is not a ministry because data from the sale of the assets of the banks in liquidation is accumulated. Recovery will begin when the investigation begins, and the factuality set out in the Kroll report will be accompanied by political decisions and filed recovery files.

Of course, the money that was taken out of the Republic of Moldova is somewhere in circulation. Whether it's offshore jurisdictions in the immediate vicinity of a country or beyond. The most interesting thing is that there is a strong lobby in the Republic of Moldova to legalize these illegally obtained funds. This is the bill on capital legalization signed by the President of Parliament, Andrian Candu and four other deputies. Moreover, the project also had a negative expertise from an NCA that says the law can favor legalization of dirty money and legal entry. This expertise could be used as an indictment for the prosecution of criminal files. Those who signed the bill probably were guided by interests other than the public as the bill was stolen. The project was aimed at anti-corruption against the investigation of a theft of the bill. The law has been withdrawn, but the dangers still lie under the condition that in the state guarantee law, 40% (5.2 billion lei) of the debt may be given to an investor. Most likely, these are beneficiaries from abroad and are now seeking to legalize their money in the Republic of Moldova. It is the duty of the NBM that the 40% does not enter the secondary market and the investors receive clean money.

In conclusion, Veaceslav Negruta said that fraudulent banks were removed from the image of Moldovan financial institutions, and the people with less confidence deposit money in banks. In order to regain confidence, the NBM is the task of ordering the banking sector, but we have overdue deadlines

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