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Salaries in the envelope overwhelm the "First Home" program

2017.08.07 Economie Victor Ursu Print version

The problem of the Moldovan citizens' homes is a stringent one and has not been solved by the country's independence, and the solution proposed by the Government through the "First House" program partially solves the problem, according to the opinion expressed by the economist during the 15 minutes of economic realism IDIS Viitorul, Veaceslav Ionita.

"The government has come up with a solution to provide housing with the population that can not afford to purchase a building. But there are some aspects. In the Republic of Moldova, only 10% of those who work can afford to apply to the "First Home" Program as a result of the unofficial revenues they receive, or of the 10% half already have a real estate. We can say that the Government is targeting a very small category of citizens", Ioniță explained.

According to him, the interest rate proposed by the Government will exceed 10% annually, and any long-term investment is not feasible if the interest is higher. It must be lowered below 10%. Moreover, the banks are very rigid with the ordinary citizen that can not prove their income. "Under these circumstances, the Government should think very well and develop financial leasing. This increases the number of applicants for the "First Home" program because the real estate is the property of the leasing company and the beneficiary pays monthly the amount stipulated in the contract, "the economist said.

"The most important thing is that the" First Home "Program partially solves the problem, given that only 20% of the population with official, unofficial income has to house. A solution for the others would be social housing, but in the Republic of Moldova there are some moves from bad people who managed to get some land at ridiculous prices from the municipality and have built up the seemingly social real estate, "Ionita said.

In conclusion, he mentioned that Moldova is not the richest country in the world to provide all residents with housing. For comparison, in developed countries, 30% of people live in rent. The problem is that in the Republic of Moldova the rent business is underground and the Government has never attracted the attention of this sector. All those who rent housing are not taxed.

On the other hand, the state discourages the people's intentions to invest in real estate as a result of the introduction of income tax. It is in fact a discriminatory treatment compared to those who own more commercial premises and are not taxed.

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