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Tax evasion is one-third of the GDP of the Republic of Moldova

2017.08.07 Economie Victor Ursu Print version

Tax evasion is a generalized phenomenon in the Republic of Moldova and has deep roots, and radical measures are needed to counteract it. At present, our country is among the region's champions in tax evasion with a share of GDP of 33%. This is the opinion expressed by the economist, Iurie Gotisan, during the 15 minutes of economic realism.

"The state authorities say that the tax evasion has a weight of 18-20% of GDP (just over 25 billion lei, ie almost 1.2 billion euros). On the other hand, some research and analysis centers say that tax evasion accounts for one third of GDP, equivalent to ROL 40 billion or more than EUR 2 billion. A huge sum that translates to losses of at least 10-15 billion lei for the state budget", Gotişan explained.

The avoidance of the tax is in fact the area, which shows the deficiencies of the Moldovan society: theft, unacceptable links between the state and the private domain, the lack of honesty of many high-ranking public servants. These are the cases from the Customs or the Tax and that develop the corrupted and captured system.

"Failure to pay contributions to the tax office, in the state treasury, from simple vulcanization to large enterprises, Moldtelecom, Franzelutza or Moldovagaz, which were often titled in the news, revealing cases of tax evasion that generate enormous budget holes . But the smuggling of all sorts of products through Transnistria, which is considered to be the black shadow of the Moldovan economy, either tobacco, alcohol or other consumer goods, and leaves the budget without estimated revenues of over 1 billion lei", he said Gotisan.

In conclusion, the economist has stated that the many obligations the tax law imposes on taxpayers and, above all, the burden of these obligations have always led to the ingenuity of taxpayers in inventing various ways of circumventing tax obligations. Tax evasion has always been active and ingenious because tax authorities, "hitting" in the wealth of individuals, "touch" them in the most sensitive interest: money.

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