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Wine Market: Five countries demanding Moldovan wine

2018.01.24 Economie Victor Ursu Print version

Following the numerous embargos and hindrances imposed on Moldovan wine-makers by the Russian Federation, Moldovan producers have reorientated their markets to the West. Thus, with a market share of 70% 12 years ago, Russia is no longer in preference to Moldovan winemakers. This is the opinion expressed by journalist Victor Ursu during the 15 minutes of economic realism show.

Banning Moldovan wines on the Russian market has generated millions of dollars for winemakers. The latest Russian embargo on Moldovan wines was set up in September 2013 and was a political response to Chisinau's intention and signing of the Association Agreement with the European Union. At the same time, Moscow promotes the double standards policy, as part of the wine companies in Gagauzia and the left bank of the Dniester region have resumed their exports to the Russian Federation

Obviously it was a hard blow for Moldovan winemakers who were not prepared to cope with the shock. Some of them have gone bankrupt, and others have shifted to other markets.

On the other hand, the Russian embargo gave a positive impetus to Moldovan winemakers to revise their quality standards and search for safer markets. This situation came after the signing of the Free Trade Agreement with the EU by the Republic of Moldova. This is already noticeable in statistics. Balance of payments data published by the NBM show that in the third quarter of 2017, the export of alcoholic beverages amounted to USD 46.08 million, 13.0% higher than in the same period of 2016. The positive evolution was mainly determined by the increase in exports to Kazakhstan (3.3 times), China (65.8%) and Romania (46.6%). At the same time, exports of alcoholic beverages to Russia decreased by 30.1%, Turkey by 48.1% and Georgia by 12.3%. In the top five EU countries where Moldova exports the largest quantities of wine are: Romania - 3.46 million USD, Poland - 3 million USD, Czech Republic -2.3 million USD, Great Britain - 0.92 million USD and Hungary - US $ 0.85 million.

A return of Moldovan winemakers to the Russian market at the pre-embargo rates will not happen again. Their place was taken by "New World" wines such as those from Chile or Argentina, which are also cheaper than those in the Republic of Moldova.

In conclusion, Victor Ursu said that in recent years Moldovan winemakers have invested a lot of money in promotion taking into account the fact that Moldova has the largest underground galleries. He and Milestii Mici also entered the Book of Records. The promotion of production was insufficient, as two-thirds of Moldovan wines reached the Russian market. The Republic of Moldova has the advantage that it has the highest density of vineyards (140 thousand ha) at European level and the sixth area as a size.

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