Change of the paradigm: Chisinau chooses the Smart City concept to accelerate the smart, sustainable development based on citizen's interests

Chisinau municipality can only develop in a participatory environment, friendly to the business environment and open to the concepts and tools of modern urban planning. Citizens, entrepreneurship and democratically elected administration are the pillars on which local development is based. Creating a platform for strategic development makes sense in the context of adopting a policy of total openness and institutionalized dialogue between all stakeholders - authors, investors, think tanks, banks, private entrepreneurs, international financial institutions, press, technology companies, students and members of the academic body.

On June 20-21, intensively discussed in the framework of the SMART CITIES & MARKETPLACES Conference held in Chisinau under the aegis of Newsweek, with the full support of IDIS, FNTM and AIR, supported by the Green Cities Program (UNDP), Orange, ZEL Bălţi, having as main partner BC "Moldova Agroindbank" SA. The conference organized its debates around two pillars: the first - the promotion of the entrepreneurial ecosystem and business development tools, and the second - the urban development ecosystem illustrated by a series of unique Smart Cities experiences. At the beginning of the conference on June 20, IDIS Viitorul Director Igor Munteanu spoke about the importance of creating transfers of concepts and tools for accelerated change of local government in Chisinau - a kind of "admiral ship" of the local government in RM, using smart solutions and innovative systems made available by the experience of smart cities in Romania and other relevant countries.

Chisinau municipality can rejuvenate its development projects if it succeeds in adapting to the modern urban and post-urban planning concepts, creating interactive formats in relation to the actors of civil society, business, associations of urban professionals, digital technologies, and funds financial stakeholders in innovative projects. Like any complex system, Chisinau needs a continuous effort of engineering and urban planning. Due to its share in the national economy and its metropolitan sphere, Chisinau has an essential role in the adoption and application of urban innovations. During the SMART CITIES & MARKETPLACES conference, the organizers initiated experimentally several panels of presentations and debates on projects in search of funding. An active participation had a group of start-ups associated with the Tekwill Community, but also other sectors (eco-tourism, business consultancy, telecommunications) that supported particularly interesting projects in the areas of mobility, the economy, the environment, governance digital and intelligent housing design.

Mr. Ghenadie Cernei, Director of Electronic Services, Head of Alternative Channel Department of BC "Moldova Agroindbank" SA, mentioned that the bank's task is to contribute to the development of business with the help of the technologies. The efforts made so far by MAIB to develop and implement state-of-the-art technology solutions will continue to be enhanced by providing complex digital services that will help consumers effectively manage their financial resources and time.

For his part, Wineries Purcari's Managing Director, Mr. John Maximciuc, reviewed the success of the Purcari winery, highlighting the way in which it set out to launch itself on the foreign markets and managed to get an entry spectacular on the Romanian capital market. He mentioned that Purcari offered for sale 49% of its shares. "The listing of the Purcari Group on the Stock Exchange records a history sheet, being the first Moldovan company to be publicly listed in Bucharest. It is a legacy of an iconic brand that delighted the wine lovers of 1827 and earned the leadership position in Romania and Moldova by concomitantly with the expansion of the global presence. We remain an active investor. IPO is an opportunity for Horizon Capital to monetize some of this investment to delight our fund investors while maintaining an important stake in the company to take advantage of future growth. "

An active presence was also Mr. Marin Ciobanu, the principal manager of the Free Economic Zone (ZEL Balti), who mentioned his successful experience in attracting substantial investments in the auto industry. In his opinion, "Moldova may be attractive and has some advantages that are very good in the conditions of international competition. State-owned fiscal facilities are a powerful argument for investors to choose ZELs for their investments, but they are not the only and most important tools for making free economic zones attractive. "
Andrei Preşcă, B2B Director, Orange Moldova said at the event that Orange Moldova combines the power of an operator and the expertise of a specialized digital services company to ensure the design, development and successful implementation of Smart Cities projects. He also presented a street lighting project from Hancesti, which helps reduce energy consumption and lower maintenance costs, remote automated management and compatibility and adaptability to existing lighting networks.

Architect Andrei Vatamaniuc presented several Chisinau design projects. He proposed transformation into the pedestrian street of Veronica Micle Street, but also the infrastructure for bicyclists. At the same time, Veaceslaav Caburgan, General Manager, CODIFAN and the Tekwill community wanted to highlight the importance of IT in setting up Chisinau with the involvement of young people and those interested in changing the image of the capital.

The SMART Cities & Marketplaces Conference was launched. More than 200 public and private entities have shown their support for this integrated platform for promoting active entrepreneurship. Urban development and the consolidation of the free and innovative business environment will be the central directions of the forthcoming edition, which will take place in autumn, in an expanded format, with the support of relevant stakeholders in banks, business associations, chambers of commerce, private companies and authorities public, press and think tank interested in accelerating the qualitative changes in the Republic of Moldova. The date on which the SMART CITIES & MARKETPLACES - II Conference will take place will be announced soon on several online sources including

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