IDIS Viitorul trained economic operators and contracting authorities in the field of public procurement

IDIS Viitorul organized four public procurement trainings during July, attended by about 100 contracting authorities from all regions of the country and businesses, who were familiar with public procurement provisions and expressed their views on the issues they face in public procurement procedures. The workshops took place within the project "Cutting edge improvements in the public procurement system in Moldova through inclusiveness, creativity and low-abiding practices” funded by the European Union and co-financed by UK aid from the UK Government.

The emergence of unforeseen/additional works during the implementation of the contractor contract are among the main mistakes in the development of tenders and the development of contracts by contracting authorities and economic operators.

Vadim Turcan, Public Procurement Specialist, said that in order to solve the problem of unforeseen work, we cannot get the application of the negotiation procedure without prior publication of a contract notice due to unpredictable events. And in the case of trademarks, it is necessary to include references to norms and standards (EN / ISO) in the product specifications or to add the phrase "or equivalent" in the description of the position. Vadim Turcan also spoke about the mistakes in submitting complaints to ANSC by the agencies. "It's about incomplete complaints and over-submission."

The workshop also included the issue of choosing the award criterion. Lowest price vs.  the most  economically advantageous tender. "The solution would be to establish the valuation factors characteristic of each type of public procurement of works".

When making the bids, Ecaterina Meaun, an expert in public procurement, said that it is necessary to thoroughly study the tender documentation, purchase data sheet, specifications and any other document that is an integral part of the set of documents attached to the documentation The tenderers are recommended to be present at the opening of the bids, the request for the minutes of opening the bids and the indication of the opinion separately in the minutes until it is signed.

Rotaru Olga from achiziţ talked about the public procurement reform and the implementation of the electronic platform MTender. "Acquisitions are published online. Companies can place their bids without leaving the office and can participate in real time online at auction. Up until now, the amount of auctions made through MTender is 11.7 million lei."

"We are learning on the go. It is certain that procurement procedures must be correct in order to provide citizens with good quality goods and services," explained Belnis SRL manager, Pancenco Gheorghe.

The participants in the discussion also referred to the new legislative provisions on public procurement, the correlation between the tender-offer-contract documentation, the particularities of the tenders for the public procurement of works and the appeal system, aimed at formulating the complaints.

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