By November 1st, 2018, IDIS (Institute for Development and Social Initiatives) will be represented by a new Executive Director, Dr Liubomir Chiriac, who was recently appointed by the Administrative Board of IDIS, seconded by Carolina Ungureanu, Deputy Director for International Cooperation.

Liubomir Chiriac is a PhD in Mathematics, University Professor (State University of Tiraspol displaced in Chisinau) and Coordinator for the regional & local development programs at IDIS, while Carolina Ungureanu holds a Master in European Policies, acting as Program Director for the Competitive Society Program at IDIS.

The above mentioned management changes is a long-standing democratic mechanism, enshrined by IDIS Founding Charter and  very much respected by IDIS, therefore promotion of the first women in the leadership positions of the Institute follow the democratic background ad good practices in gender representation, inspired by the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development.

As one of the leading think tanks of Moldova, IDIS remains faithful to the democratic principles of integrity, impartiality and neutrality, a think tank dedicated to European values ​​and national interests.

Dr Igor Munteanu will continue to serve as a permanent Member of the Administrative Board, as a Founder of IDIS Viitorul, one of the leading think-tank organizations since 1993.

PhD Liubomir Chiriac:

Liubomir Chiriac has qualifications and areas of expertise in regional and local development, public administration, public services, civil society, strategic development, organization management. He coordinated the implementation of about 40 national and cross-border projects. Between September 2010 and January 2016 he served as Executive Director of IDIS "Viitorul".

Carolina Ungureanu:

Carolina Ungureanu is a Grants Manager / Fundraiser and Project Coordinator within the Institute for Development and Social Initiatives (IDIS) “Viitorul”, Chisinau. She was previously a University Lecturer at the State University of Moldova, Faculty of International Relations, Political and Administrative Sciences, and at the Faculty of Communication. She holds a Master degree in International Relations. She is PhD student in History and Theory of International Relations and Global Development, State University of Moldova, Faculty of Political and Administrative Sciences, Chair of International Relations. She is writing her PhD on the subject: “The Implication of European Union in the process of stability consolidation in South Eastern Europe”.