The lack of public procurement specialists in Rezina results in poor quality works

On October 19, IDIS "Viitorul" presented the second monitoring report on public procurement by Rezina City Hall. At the start of the event Carolina Ungureanu explained that "in order to improve the procurement system and hence the quality of investments, it must be ensured that the contracting authorities respect the principles of good governance (transparency, efficiency, effectiveness, legality, ethics, and integrity)".

Valeriu Rusu, the author of the report, monitored the largest public procurement contracts with a total value of 13.6 million lei. With regard to the contract for execution of repairs of the access ways to residential buildings which amounted to 1.7 million lei, the author claims that the awarding documentation does not specify how the estimated value of the works was drawn up. In such a case it is necessary to draft a project and prepare an expense account. The awarding documentation was published on the local authority's website.

Two economic entities took part in the tender for the construction of the sewage treatment plant for wastewater and the installation of pre-treatment facilities worth 4.1 million lei. One of the monitor's recommendations is to choose a suitable procurement procedure for these types of works, namely a solution contest. This procedure allows the contracting authority to sign a contract based on a plan or project, especially in the field of spatial planning, urban planning, and landscape design, architecture or data processing, by selecting through a competitive procedure based on a decision of a panel, with or without awarding prizes.

In conclusion, one of the monitor's recommendations is to attract specialists and consultants for the qualitative drafting of the awarding documentation, especially in the case of complex works, so as to ensure an elevated degree of competition. Other recommendations are to award contracts through varying types of procedures, additional effort on the part of the authorities to attract economic operators and to ensure the conditions for adequate competition, especially in the case of repetitive procedures, including through publicity in various sources of information. For complex works and services, it is advisable to attract non-resident economic operators.

This report has been produced within the “Promoting sustainable local development through transparent use of public money” project, implemented by IDIS „Viitorul”, funded by Policy Association for an Open Society (PASOS), subgrant within the project “Partners in Empowerment”, with the assistance of the European Union and co-funded by the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The content of this document is of the sole responsibility of the partners in the PiE project, and can in no way be taken to reflect the views of the European Union and other donors.

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