Energy Day, celebrated in Călărași: Investing for a smart city with a cleaner energy future


Energy Day brought on June 20 in Călărași green energy technologies, the first city bicycle parching, dances and prizes for the most creative designs that illustrate efficient energy consumption. The event, marked in the second time in Călăraşi, in partnership with IDIS "Viitorul", aimed at raising citizens' awareness of energy efficiency, the use of renewable energy sources and the adaptation to climate change.

"Energy is a resource without which we can not exist and activate; a resource that deserves to be exploited and consumed effectively. The greatest wealth is energy and the environment. Since 2012 Calarasi has become a signatory to the Mayor's Convention and together with the thousands of European cities have undertaken to reduce CO2 emissions by 42% by 2030. I hope that the current energy efficiency project will help us to reach these goals and to we become a smart city”, said the Mayor of Călărași, Nicolae Melnic at the opening of the Energy Day.

In turn, Liubomir Chiriac, Executive Director of IDIS "Viitorul", underlined: "Călărași is recognized throughout the country as a city that takes into account the latest trends in renewable energy. And I want the public lighting to be modernized to Călărași thanks to the project, to become a pride for the inhabitants and to motivate them to stay home".

On the Energy Day, there have been several actions in Călărași to promote sustainable energy. In this respect, a new exhibition of lamps was organized at the Museum of History and Ethnography, a competition for drawings and paintings on energy held, opened the first bicycle parching and presented an artistic program for all inhabitants and guests of Călăraşi. The event was completed by an artistic program presented by the children from the kindergartens in the city. All activities took place in the Central Park of Calarasi, gathering over 100 participants of all ages.

To encourage citizens to make efficient use of energy through art, 22 children and young people were awarded for originality at the "Energy around me" drawing and painting contest. Issues of the contest included effective illumination at home and at school; renewable energy solutions and my city is energy-efficient. All the works were exhibited on the 20th of June in Central Park and will be further admired inside the Călărași City Hall.

"Through my drawing I tried to send everyone to take care of the planet, rationally using energy consumption", says Ilarion Cojocaru from the Georghe Enescu School of Arts in Călărași. And for Mihaela Pituşcan, student the School of Arts, the drawing contest was an inspiring one: "I had a great pleasure to participate in the drawing contest on energy. The inspiration came to me as soon as I took the pen in my hand".

The first public bicycle parking in Călărași was opened even on Energy Day, in the square of the City Hall. The bicycle park has 8 bicycle seats, and local public authorities promise not to be the only park in town. Access to the bicycle park is free of charge. "We launched the bicycle park project because our city has active cyclists and we care about the environment we live in. Thus, we offer citizens the convenience and safety of bicycle parking in the public space. By our example we want to promote cycling and to make the city greener and less crowded", said Cristina Smolenschi, a specialist at Calarasi City Hall.

Also, until June 21, dozens of lamps from the 1920s to the 21st century can be admired in a unique exhibition at the Museum of History and Ethnography in Călărași. Chandeliers, candles from the 19th century, candlesticks, gas lamps, modern lamps and other lamps are part of the museum's collection and some were brought by an economic agent from Călăraşi. "We want to show the public how the lamps have evolved from the point of view of history - from candles that were once only in churches and people's homes to gas-filled lamps. 19 and the intelligent light of today", says Mariana Iurcu, a museographer and guide to the Călărași History Museum.

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The Energy Day was held within the project "Efficient public lighting in Călărași", implemented by the Călărași Town Hall in partnership with IDIS "Viitorul". The project is funded by the European Union through the European programme “Covenant of Mayors – Demonstration Projects (CoM-DeP)”, part of the EU4Energy initiative.

Energy Days are activities and events that promote clean energy transition, organized at the local level within the European Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW). EU Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW) is the biggest event dedicated to renewables and efficient energy use in Europe, organized by the European Commission, It brings together public authorities, private companies, NGOs and consumers to promote initiatives to save energy and move towards renewables for clean, secure and efficient power. The 14th edition of EUSEW take place from 17 to 21 June 2019 and its activities are focused around the theme ‘Shaping Europe’s Energy Future’.


The EU4Energy Initiative covers all EU support to improve energy supply, security and connectivity, as well as to promote energy efficiency and the use of renewables in the Eastern Partner countries Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Republic of Moldova and Ukraine. It does this by financing projects and programmes that help to reform energy markets and to reduce national energy dependence and consumption. Over the longer term, this makes energy supply more reliable, transparent and affordable, thus reducing energy poverty and energy bills for both citizens and the private sector. More information: