IDIS Viitorul and Council of Europe invites you to take part in the competition of the best practices in the local administration

Do you have successful initiatives in your community that you are proud of? Thus, IDIS "Viitorul", together with the Council of Europe invites you to participate in the 2017 - 2018 edition of the Best Practices Programme of Local Authorities in Moldova.

The aim of this program is to identify and disseminate innovative and efficient initiatives from the local public administration in the Republic of Moldova and to make known the experience and outstanding results of the local public authorities and institutions in the country.

The sections of the best practices competition for the current edition are:

1. Transparency makes the difference!

2. Local involvement for urban revitalization;

3. Cultural heritage and authentic traditions;

4. Smart communities through efficient public services.

The best practices competition involves three stages, namely: registration/best practices submission, evaluation of the submitted projects, nomination and awarding of the winners.

To participate, local practice must be implemented between June 2017 and December 2018. Best practices will be evaluated on the basis of the EVALUATION GRID

The deadline for participation at the Best Practices Programme is 1 JUNE 2019.

Thus, the local public administration authorities will send the completed PARTICIPATION FORM to the following addresses: Chisinau, MD-2005, Str. Iacob Hincu 10/1, IDIS "Viitorul" for the "Best Practices Programme" or with the mention "Best Practices Programme".

In the national competition cannot participate best local practice projects that have been awarded in previous editions of the programme or project ideas that have not yet been implemented. Practices that have been successfully implemented before participating in the competition are also accepted.

For more information, please see (in Romanian) the Best Practices Programme Informative Prospectus.

Best practices will be awarded at a National Award Ceremony to be held in December a.c and will be disseminated through an Anthology of Best Practices and the documentary “Together for performances in local governance”.

The Best Practices Programme of Local Authorities in Moldova is implemented by the Institute for Development and Social Initiatives (IDIS) "Viitorul", with the financial support of the Council of Europe. The Programme aims at identifying, promoting and disseminating good practices among local public authorities in the Republic of Moldova, thus contributing to the efficiency of local governance.

For more details, contact Program Coordinator Ana - Maria Veverita at 0 22 221844 or