The best practices of local public authorities in Moldova can now be discovered in an anthology


Institute for Development and Social Initiatives (IDIS) "Viitorul" presents the Anthology of best practices of local authorities in Moldova, 2019 edition. The Anthology is produced within the Best Practices Programme for Local Authorities 2017 – 2018 and aims to describe success stories of local authorities from Moldova.

"Representatives of local authorities who believe they can change things and want to motivate themselves to implement some of the successful models, can carefully examine this anthology, and thus, being inspired, they will be prepared to contribute innovative ideas to the community development process. and modernization of the locality. Thus, we consider that a safe step towards modernization and Europeanization of the Republic of Moldova is taken", says Liubomir Chiriac, Executive director of IDIS “Viitorul”.

The publication was made possible thanks to the efforts of IDIS „Viitorul” experts and of local government representatives who have shown their constant interest.

The anthology includes the following sections: 1. Transparency makes the difference!; 2. Local involvement for urban revitalization; 3. Cultural heritage and authentic traditions; 4. Smart communities through efficient public services. In total, in those four sections, 40 best practices from 29 local public authorities in the country, are presented.

The Anthology of best practices of local authorities in Moldova, 2019 edition (available only in Romanian) can be downloaded here: O antologie a bunelor practici ale autorităților publice locale din Republica Moldova, ediția 2019.

For the current edition of the Best Practices Programme 64 practices from 41 localities of the country were submitted.

The Best Practices Programme of Local Authorities in Moldova is implemented by the Institute for Development and Social Initiatives (IDIS) "Viitorul", with the financial support of the Council of Europe. The Programme aims at identifying, promoting and disseminating good practices among local public authorities in the Republic of Moldova, thus contributing to the efficiency of local governance.

For more details, contact Program Coordinator Ana - Maria Veverita at 0 22 221844 or or