IDIS "Viitorul" presents the first edition of the newsletter "Monitoring Moldova's public procurement"


In the Republic of Moldova, public procurement remains an area vulnerable to irregularities, fraud, and corruption. The large amount of money circulating in the public procurement system and the frequent interactions between the public and private sectors make public procurement extremely vulnerable and a priority area of concern for the integrity of public administration. These facts justify the role of civil society in overseeing the way in which public money is spent, and how public procurement is conducted, in order to ensure transparency. Effective monitoring of public procurement requires civil society’s knowledge on operations of the public procurement system, the legal and institutional framework, and the entire procurement process. Believes Carolina Ungureanu, the manager of the project “Increasing the integrity in public procurement”.

Find out from the first edition of the "Monitoring Moldova's public procurement" newsletter why the involvement of civil society in monitoring public procurement is essential, how the Business Intelligence system works for the Republic of Moldova, how different the prices are for the same drugs purchased against COVID-19 and why The Ministry of Education paid 3.15 million lei to a company for reconstruction works that were not executed.

Also in this issue you will discover the following topics:

NEWS: Several institutions carried out illegal public procurement deals (report)
NEWS: A new digital tool for analyzing open data from the MTender system has been launched
LEGISLATION: IDIS „Viitorul” and AGER: Proposals for the Regulation on certification in the field of public procurement
OPINION: Lars Jeurling: "An active civil society is the key to a brighter future in Moldova"
ANALYSIS: NAC Report: The higher the value of public procurement deals, the higher the risk of corruption
REPORT: Large fluctuations in the purchase price of medicines and protective equipment to combat COVID-19 
INVESTIGATIONS: The Ministry of Education paid 3.15 million lei to a company for works that were not performed - finding of the Court of Accounts about the repair of an institution in Bălți

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This newsletter is prepared within the project “Increasing the integrity in public procurement”, implemented by Institute for Development and Social Initiatives (IDIS) "Viitorul", in partnership with Partnership for Transparency Fund (PTF).