Best practices of local public authorities implemented in 2020 - 2022 in Moldova were awarded. Find out which projects are winning


The best practices implemented by Moldovan local authorities in 2020 and 2022 were awarded on December 21 at a national ceremony. The event was organized by IDIS "Viitorul", within the Best Practices Programme of Local Public Authorities in Moldova. The Programme is implemented with the financial support of the Council of Europe and aims at identifying, promoting and disseminating good practices among local public authorities in the Republic of Moldova, thus contributing to the efficiency of local governance.

"Good practices have their roots implanted in the energy of the most dynamic citizens of the country, in the multiple experiences of innovative communities, in the living school of those mayors who, if they fall, get up and move forward, who, regardless of political forecasts, look for and find the solution to a series of problems local. Local leaders through their energy, they can inspire and mobilize communities to face the challenges of the big problems facing the country and, through their dynamism, guide communities in producing development properties and securing development solutions. harmonious societies", mentioned the Executive director of IDIS "Viitorul", Liubomir Chiriac, in the opening of the National Award Ceremony of the best practices.

"Through their solidarity, strength, courage, devotion and dedication, the mayors, together with their communities, have been the heroes on the front line in this trying year. Thus, a whole world saw us for what we are: a small country with a big heart. It is therefore important to learn from good practices, to be inspired by incredible stories of courage, to dare, to be better and to be the change that we want here, at home", is the opinion of Ana - Maria Veverita, Programme Coordinator.

In his turn, Ion Țurcanu from the State Chancellery mentioned: "Despite multiple financial constraints, we still note remarkable results of some local public authorities. However, with modest resources, but with a lot of initiative, inspiration, dedication and involvement, we have local public authorities that have developed public services, promoted volunteering, attracted contributions, implemented ambitious projects and initiatives. We thank you all for your contribution and we continue to count on your support in the development of the Republic of Moldova".

"The most sincere gratitude to the mayors, the ambassadors of change in the Republic of Moldova, who enjoy the highest trust from the citizens, who believe and love the village, city and municipalities of our country, who wake up and go to sleep with the thought of bringing a change and solve the problems of citizens, who, through their own initiative and efforts, succeed with little resources to bring a change to our communities", said the president of CALM, Tatiana Badan.

In the current edition of the Best Practices Programme 84 good practices implemented by 57 local public participated in the competition. The sections applied by local public administrations are: 1. Transparent governance for a smart public administration; 2. Local development through community solidarity; 3. Authentic traditions at home; 4. Community infrastructure for social revitalization.

In the context of the national award ceremony, 21 certificates of participation, eight mentions, nine third-degree awards, seven second-degree awards, seven first-degree awards and ten special awards for the best practices implemented by local administrations in the period 2020-2022 were offered. The winning authorities receives trophies, diplomas and surprises from the partners of the Best Practices Programme.

Thus, the following first-degree awards were offered:

Transparent governance for a smart public administration

  1. Strășeni City Hall, the first smart city in Moldova digitized with the help of the City Health application, which ensures intelligent communication with residents

Local development through community solidarity

  1. Rusestii Noi commune (Ialoveni district) for the active involvement of the residents in the construction and rehabilitation of over 10 km of local road;
  2. Sîngera Town, Chisinau municipality, which succeeded in the construction of an aqueduct in the new neighborhood of Sîngera-Revaca through municipal bonds

Authentic traditions at home

  1. City Hall of Cimișlia, where the unique international festival takes place annually, entitled "Mioriţă Laie-Bucălaie"
  2. Căplani village (Ștefan Vodă district) for the Tourist Center "The Heavem Gates"

Community infrastructure for social revitalization

  1. Cantemir City Hall for the new wastewater treatment plant and a sewage system that serves the 5,500 inhabitants
  2. Slobozia Mare Village (Cahul district), a municipality that has one of the largest markets in the South of the Republic of Moldova and the only one that is open seven days out of seven

The success stories of local public authorities in Moldova can be found in the Anthology of best practices of local public authorities in the Republic of Moldova, 2022 edition (available only in Romanian).

Watch here the "Together for Performance in Local Government 2022” best practice documentary.

For more details, contact the Program Coordinator, Ana – Maria Veverita at phone number 0 22 221844 or


The Best Practices Programme of Local Authorities in Moldova is implemented by the Institute for Development and Social Initiatives (IDIS) "Viitorul", with the financial support of the Council of Europe. The Programme aims at identifying, promoting and disseminating good practices among local public authorities in the Republic of Moldova, thus contributing to the efficiency of local governance.

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