The winning communities of the 2022 Best Practices Programme were selected


The best practices of local public authorities in the Republic of Moldova were designated on December 5 during the meeting of the Steering Group of the Best Practices Programme of Local Authorities and will be awarded at the end of this year. During the meeting, the members of the Coordinating Group gave a note to the good practices discovered during the documentation visits and decided which are the winning practices.

Thus, 38 communities from 23 districts and municipalities were visited between September and October 2022 (see here the list of visited localities) by the program implementation team. We remind you that for the current edition of the Good Practices Program, 84 of the most innovative best practices, implemented by 57 local communities in Moldova during 2020-2022, were submitted. The sections to which local public administrations applied are: 1. Transparent governance for an intelligent public administration; 2. Local development through community solidarity; 3. Authentic traditions at home; 4. Community infrastructure for social revitalization.

As a result of the competition, the most successful models of good practices from the local public administration in Moldova will be identified and disseminated, promoting the outstanding results of the communities that deserve to be known at the national and international level. In this sense, we can mention the "La Portile Raiului" tourist center in Căplani village, Ștefan Vodă district; the "Nisporeni - Dealul Bălănești" hiking trail, the City health mobile application from the municipality of Strășeni; the cross-border agri-food market from Slobozia Mare, Cahul district; the new treatment plant for the 5 thousand inhabitants of the city of Cantemir and the list can go on.

"At this edition of the Program, many authorities were highlighted with good practices that we evaluated according to innovation, efficiency, quality and the involvement of residents. I was amazed by the good practices this year and it was really a difficult process to choose the best ones. We hope that these localities will be open so that we can share these good practices further", says Tatiana Badan, president of CALM and member of the Coordinating Group.

"Best practices must first of all be encouraged, and this competition among local communities causes them to be better and aim for performance", added Valeriu Musteață, mayor of Săiti village and member of the Steering Group.

For his part, Eduard Ungureanu, expert in the "My Community" program supports the importance of citizens' involvement in community life "It is important to promote good innovative practices that bring something new; to promote communities that involve citizens and can identify sources of funding to make beautiful things”.

The Steering Group of the Best Practices Programme monitors and evaluates the implementation of the Best Practices Program, oversees the evaluation and selection of best practices of local government.

Best practices will be awarded at the National Award Ceremony, to be held on 21 December, 2022

The Best Practices Programme of Local Authorities in Moldova is implemented by the Institute for Development and Social Initiatives (IDIS) "Viitorul", with the financial support of the Council of Europe. The Programme aims at identifying, promoting and disseminating good practices among local public authorities in the Republic of Moldova, thus contributing to the efficiency of local governance.

For more details, contact Program Coordinator Ana - Maria Veverita at 0 22 221844 or