September issue of the Newsletter "Monitoring Moldova's public procurement": about monitoring of public procurement, rigged tenders and transparency of sectoral procurement


Public procurement is the instrument by which governments spend their money. The large sums of investment that connect public and private interests make the public procurement system a breeding ground for corruption throughout the world, and Moldova is no exception. In practice, however, citizens benefit from the services and works purchased, regardless of the quality, efficiency and fairness of the process. Complex and lengthy procedures, lack of available information and strong interests make it a challenge for citizens to get actively involved without necessarily needing a mandate to do so, says Hady Fink, project director at the Transparency Partnership Fund.


Find out in the September 22 edition of the "Monitoring Moldova's public procurement" newsletter what is the role of civil society in fighting corruption in public procurement, who is behind rigged tenders, what caused the record increase in procurement in the first part of the year, but also what young people think about public procurement monitoring.

Also in this issue, you will discover the following topics:

NEW: Civil society organizations monitor the transparency of public procurement in Moldova. Results include journalistic investigations, analytical reports, and public discussions
NEWS: IDIS "Viitorul" has launched the Good Practices Guide on Sustainable Public Procurement
INFOGRAPHIC: 67 Public Procurements Worth over a Billion lei ($51,569,518), Included in the Plan of the Ministry of Education and Research for 2022
OPINION: Hady Fink: The role of civil society in fighting corruption in public procurement 
ANALYSIS: How sectoral procurement has not become more transparent two years after the adoption of Law 74/2020
FIGURES: Record 40% growth in public procurement in the first half of 2022
CU SENS: ”Clean and Dirty”
TRAINING: Young activists on monitoring public procurement: "Information on local budgets available on public administrations' websites is not presented in an accessible format" 
MONITORING: Over 10 million lei ($515,017) of road repair works in Cahul. Find out who is carrying them out
INVESTIGATION: The rigged bids files: postponed hearings, zero enforced convictions, and firms still "subscribed" to public money


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This newsletter is prepared within the project “Increasing the integrity in public procurement”, implemented by Institute for Development and Social Initiatives (IDIS) "Viitorul", in partnership with Partnership for Transparency Fund (PTF)