Budgets without secrets: Million grants for towns in Moldova

The European Union continues to be the leader of Moldova's development partners, offering to our country, since 2007, over 840 million euro as grants. Among beneficiaries of European resources are local authorities, who managed to implement successful projects. While some municipalities are building new kindergartens and high schools heated with biomass, other connect people to modern water supply systems, create new jobs and develop road infrastructure.

Learn from the latest edition of the newsletter "Budgets without secrets" (No.3, January issue), which cities have obtained most grants in 2015.

Inside this edition:
INVESTMENT: Million grants for towns in Moldova
INTERVIEW: Grigorii Robu, Nisporeni Mayor: "What authorities believe that it is good and what people really want are different things"
ANALYZE: The impact of fiscal policy on local budgets
BUDGET: Higher spending for “bureaucracy”
CORRUPTION: Bribes or challenge?
PROCUREMENT: Monopoly + discretion - transparency = corruption
DIGITS: Surviving budgets
REFORM: Decentralization strategy with laws that violate local autonomy
VIEWS: http://www.localbudgets.viitorul.org - useful information, rankings and comparisons

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The publication aims to make transparent the activity of local public authorities in Moldova by promoting transparency and financial accountability.

The Newsletter is produced within the project “Transparent, financially sound and competitive municipalities in Moldova” which is implemented by the Institute for Economic and Social Reforms (INEKO) in partnership with IDIS “Viitorul”, with the support of the SlovakAid and the US Embassy to Moldova. The project aims to increase the financial accountability of local governments in 50 municipalities throughout Moldova.