Notes & positions

Notes & positions

Appeal of the Moldovan Platform of the EaP CSF to the Ninth Eastern Partnership Meeting of Foreign Ministers

In the last years, Moldova stepped back considerably in terms of transparency, democracy and accountability. Since 2016, an oligarchic group took control over the three branches of the state power and media sector, capturing the state. This allowed building the economic agenda around the interests of this narrow group to the detriment of the public interest. Control over the law enforcement institutions ensured its’ impunity, while control over the legislative branch allowed adjusting, contrary to the Venice Commission recommendations, the electoral system in the detriment of any opposition. Control over mass-media allows manipulating the public opinion, setting false priorities and avoiding discussions on genuine problems of people, dividing and weakening the society. Whole apel can be downloaded here.

APEL to ensure the transparency of public procurement by the Public Services Agency

The public sector reform in the Republic of Moldova is indissolubly linked to the integrity of the acquisitions. By signing the Association Agreement with the EU, the RM has committed itself to respecting and adjusting its procurement rules and practices in order to ensure transparent offers under non-discriminatory and competitive treatment. In this way, all actors involved in the procurement process must be treated identically, and the application of the standards and regulations provided for by the legislation should not allow exceptions to the rule, in practice and simulating the harmonization of national legislation and national practices with The European acquis and its main directives. Whole apel can be downloaded here.

Executive Director IDIS Viitorul, Igor Munteanu recently signed The Prague Appeal for Democratic Renewal

A new Coalition for Democratic Renewal will serve as a moral and intellectual catalyst for the revitalization of the democratic idea. The goal is to change the intellectual and cultural climate by waging a principled, informed, and impassioned battle of ideas; defending democracy against its critics; working to strengthen mediating institutions and civil associations; and fashioning persuasive arguments for liberal democracy that can shape the course of public discussion. 


The undersigned organizations, members of the National Platform of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum (hereinafter - Platform), express their concern about worsening environment for civil society organizations and respect of fundamental the rule of law principles in the Republic of Moldova. In particular, we observe systematic actions designed to divide and discredit the civil society organizations, including by setting them against some quasi-nongovernmental organizations. Moreover, we note a general climate of increased intimidation of independent media by public authorities. Declaration can be downloaded here.  

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