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Who has to lose and gain from the appreciation of the leu?

2017.08.07 Economie Victor Ursu Print version

Last week, the National Bank issued a communiqué in which it contains more detailed explanations regarding the evolution of the leu against the reference currencies. The economist, Iurie Gotisan, also explained during the 15-minute economic realism show that "the appreciation of the leu against the dollar and the euro is a factor that can reduce the rise in prices, which is so high. The strengthening of the leu is also convenient for those who have to repay credits in euros or dollars. "

A stronger lion, the importers benefit. But naturally, those with fewer lei will buy more dollars and euros to make bigger imports, but also to meet consumer preferences with cheaper imported products. Respectively, the increase in consumption gives rise to tuna and economic growth by increasing the volume of excises and taxes that are collected to the budget.

Referring to the disadvantages, Gotisan says a strong lion makes it difficult for exporters. That is, those who have exported or will deliver foreign goods will receive less ROL on the exchange. Moldovans benefiting from remittances are also affected by the appreciation. Or, if you had over 2,200 months ago, you were over 2,000 lei today, you just earn more than 2,000. Today, those who receive salaries in dollars or euros are also disadvantaging the appreciation. In addition, the appreciation of the leu would discourage those who are trying to speculate on the market.

According to the economist's forecasts, the leu will continue to appreciate for the short term. It is not excluded that at one point, the appreciation of the national currency will also show the reversal of the medal. "Some businesspeople see an exchange rate of 23-24 lei for one euro and 21-22 lei for one dollar. On the other hand, some analytical centers are predicting a rate of 19.5-20 lei for one euro and 17.5-18 lei ", concluded Gothisan.

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